Managing Natural Hair Tips!

Breanna Rutter


 Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of and for these videos I answer the questions you all send me via email so if any of you have any questions you would like for me to answer check out the description box below for more information so this video is because of an email Chrissy sent Chrissy says that she knows that her hair type is 4C but she wants me to pass along some pros and cons as what to look out for what kind of things she keep in mind when dealing or managing her hair so Chrissy of course I have for you some tips and techniques and some different things give you more insight on what you want to do to make sure that you are caring for your hair so my very first tip is that you want to make sure that when you are identifying any problems with your hair you want to identify your hair when it is dry and product free when it's dry and products free you can notice if you're ends are tapering or starting to thin you can notice if you're experiencing breakage you can notice if you're experiencing excessive shedding you can notice that if you are thinning on any areas of your hair and so much more so identify what kind of problems or things that you need to prevent when your hair is dry and product free because products will skew what you think you're looking at especially if you using any volumizing ingredients in your products your hair will appear a lot more thicker when in reality is not as thick or your hair will appear as if you don't have much splits when in fact you might have a lot of splits so that's why its important when you're trying to figure out if your experiencing any problems with your hair that your hair is dry and product free so the second thing that I'm going to mention applies to all of my people have relaxed hair and that is you want to pay close attention to the health of your roots yes you have to make sure that you keep your relaxed hair healthy as well but your roots will soon be relaxed hair so make sure that your noticing to see if you are experiencing and balding any excessive thinning any problems to a degree that you need to start to pay more attention to if your rots are always dry you need to start pumping up the volume on the way that your moisturizing your hair you may even need to the deep condition more often so that way are not experiencing dry hair because dry natural hair after it's relaxed is usually a lot more drier so just pay careful attention to the health of your scalp and your new growth so that you can continue to have very healthy relaxed hair and then my last tip that I am going to suggest applies to both and that is instead of depending on the call type you have to you have to focus on the porosity and texture of your hair so what I refer to texture, texture is the feel of your hair entire hair feels the most hair feels into three different types of textures about feels will either feel cottony silky or thready you can notice by simply running your fingers through your hair when it's dry or touching different areas of your hair to notice what your predominant texture or what other textures you have in your hair as well so to make sure that you're picking the right products, the right products applies more to the texture of your hair than it does for your crow pattern because with micro patterns I have 4C hair my hair has more of a cottony texture and also some of the thready texture but my hair is not silky at all and I've honestly seen a lot of people who have 4c hair and her hair has a very high shine to a which usually relates to more of a silky texture with someone who has more of a silky texture the don’t have to use much heavy oils on her hair such as Shea butter almond butter or any other butters on their hair but if you have more of a different texture like cotton or thready textured and almond oil jojoba oil coconut oil can sometimes even Olive oil will be the better types of oils to use in your products for your hair so instead of depending on everyone else who has the same texture or excuse me the same curl pattern to their hair you have to rely on the texture you have and match in accordance to the type of products that work for you texture if you want more in-depth information on that thoroughly talked about it and pretty much in commandment one a commandment Bible my book the natural hair Bible when referring to your curl pattern and your texture so thanks for your email as you can see I don't have anything negative or anything really positive to say because I just want to talk specifically about the facts on what you want to think about and keep in mind when dealing with your hair so the pros and cons is not a big deal as far as how to deal with your hair you just want to know the pure facts so that way you can combat any issues that you may be experiencing so continue on with all of your healthy haircare maintenance tips whether you have natural hair or relaxed hair as well and also thank you all for watching and of course if you want more information check out the description box to do so and also until then I'll see you are in my very next video

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