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Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of for this video I will be answering an email that Chrissy sent Chrissy sent an email saying that she doesn't understand why she is not able to grow her hair and she's just convinced black care is just difficult and impossible to just grow because she feels like she is doing everything she possibly can to take care of her hair and yet her length is even showing and she feels like she's getting nowhere so Chrissy I understand your frustrations I know how feels when it's as if your hair is not growing so I am going to give you three things that I want you to keep in mind to either help your hair grow or to understand what the situation can be so that you can figure out what to do best for you to fix it so the very first thing I'm going to state is that immediately I felt as if you were referencing to natural hair I'm not sure of your hair natural or relaxed so if you have clarified that would've made a little bit easier to understand why you feel like your link is in showing every time I hear someone say that length is not showing automatically assume that your hair is natural because natural hair shrinks thank God for shrinkage it can make your hair look long and short in the same day and if you have natural hair you will notice that most times when wearing your hair your hair is not showing it's true length so this is just the nature of your natural hair of course you can stretch it by wearing twist outs or braid outs or bantu knot outs because hairstyles will elongate the appearance of your hair versus allowing it to actually dry without being stretched now the second thing that I am going to say is that you how to make sure that you're keeping your hair moisturizing and keeping your ends trimmed now I know that you say you've taken that you do take great care of your hair but I'm not sure of every little thing that you do so I want you to know that if your hair is splitting and dry at any moments or you noticing that you hair is dry throughout the week you may have amp up your moisturizing efforts to prevent it from being dry when your hair is dry it will naturally start to break or naturally become brittle and less manageable and even sometimes it will be difficult for it to withstand the weight of extensions or the pressure from your comb when you're combing her hair in of your keeping your hair moisturizing actually make sure you're stronger because dry hair is more weaker and brittle in strength now also I want to suggest that you got to make sure you're trimming your hair too now when I get a lot of emails which I do I get a lot of emails every day about how to get the hair back healthy and a lot of emails women are saying that I am doing everything I possibly can deconditioning you don't protein treatments protective styling to them of the time I have not growing and I hear everything except for trimming is what’s going to actually help you retain length think about it this way you have split ends your hair is going to constantly break at the ends right so if your hair is growing and as fast as its breaking guess what you're not going to see your length make sure you do your trims so that breakage can stop happening at the ends then you can actually see your hair start to grow longer keep up your trims when necessary which I only suggest about every 2 to 3 months depending on the things and the stress that you put your hair through and make sure that you keep in a moisturizes because dry hair will eventually begin to break and not be able to withstand when styling and manipulating your hair now the last thing I want to suggest is something that I don't really talk about as much because a lot of people want me to give them a solution that will help them grow their hair longer and remember solutions are just a combination of things that you have to do to keep your hair healthy and if you want to know more about you haircare regimens and different things like that to help you grow your hair refer to my website but the last thing I'm going to suggest is the rate of growth your hair is usually growing between the Anagen and the Catagen phase the Telogen phase is when your hair is actually leaving your scalp and a new hair is beginning to grow in which is the Anagen phase there's three phases of the hair life cycle and I have talked about this extensively in my book so that you can understand what it means when your hair is growing and not growing and how to actually track your growth so the Anagen phase it’s the first phase in which your hair is actually beginning to grow in the Catagen phase is when your hair is resting which means is transitioning it's getting ready to fall your head the Telogen phase in your hair is falling out and then the Anagen phase is getting ready to repeat itself thank god all of our hair is not in the same stage because about every 2 to 6 years you would probably be bald so is cool that only certain parts of your hair actually going to different cycles at a time now this this is I wanted to explain this versus you can understand that your hair has its own natural growth cycle in order to see if your hair is on track you have an average rate of growth average rate of growth mean this is something that's accumulative of everyone your hair may grow little bit slower or little bit faster this is the average hair on average grows half an inch so if you calculate all the time with 12 months which is a year your hair would only truly show a length of just 6 inches now 6 inches is not alive especially when someone was to grow very long hair the 6 inches is if someone just feels like they don't care about it being a little bit longer it actually touches my shoulders so you got to keep in mind the hair does not technically grow fast it grows a slow and steady rate now if you are noticing that you are on track in your growing about half an inch a little more a little less every month than is a your hair is doing just fine just be patient and keep incorporating all those elements that you need to do to keep your hair healthy so thanks for your email and I hope that has answered lot of concerns you've had and maybe even debunked more questions you may have thought of as far as if your hair is growing or not and I hope that everyone else was watching have learned as well if you have any more questions want to know more make sure to go ahead and leave them on my website and check out the website for more information on haircare if you still want to know and also before any of you go make sure to sign up for my email is so that you can be automatically entered into my giveaways and also only their you can receive exclusive content so until then I'll see all of you in my very next video

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