How To Get Curls Without Heat Black Hair

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of for this video I will be answering an email that was sent to me from Terrianna and Terrianna on a emailed me saying that she has afro textured hair with some coils dispersed throughout her head and she wants to know what she can do to enhance her hair in any way to make it appear more curlier so Terrianna I'm going to give you three suggestions as far as how to actually understand your hair a little bit better as well as give you some tips that you can do to make your hair appear more curly the very first thing I'm going to state is that hair that's typically more curly usually is hair that falls within the type 3 category of hair typing and hair that is usually more coily or kinkier falls within the type 4 category now everyone has different textures of hair which is different from a curl pattern because it's depending on the look of your hair rather than the curl pattern of your hair a lot of individuals who do have type 3 hair usually have curls that are a little bit more bouncier and may usually have hair that may have a little bit more body and also their curls are usually more of the fine now when it comes to type for hair this hair usually is little bit more thicker and usually their curls are more defined now when it comes to type four hair this hair typically is usually more Afro textured or which me that he doesn't have much of a curl pattern or its hair that actually has a little bit of curl pattern as well as tight coils or curls just think of it this way type 4 hair usually has coils which are small little rings of curl and type three hair usually has curls which are more wider than an actual coil so in regards to your hair it seems as though you have on textured that's out there as far you have coils dispersed throughout your head and then some of your hair is not defined and that is naturally the makeup of your hair everyone doesn't have a pure hair type usually but most of your hair does predominantly make up a certain hair type for example I have 4c hair which means that my hair is in the type four category is also the tightest curl pattern that I have most times it's hard to see this curl pattern because the hair is so tightly compact so it will just usually look like a fro you take your time with your hair as far as detangling it and adding a lot of moisture and you are starting to see coils appear so this leads me into my next tip which goes as far as you want to wear styles that enhance your coils such as comb coils or finger coils now they both achieve a similar look but finger coils are wider than comb coils because of the technique required to achieve the look when doing comb coils you have to make sure that your hair is moisturize thoroughly moisturized and that you some type of gel in order to preserve the look of your hair and you have to use a comb to actually form coils once small sections of hair this is so tedious but the results are so beautiful so this depends on if you want to take the time to do that and also depending on how were your coils cling together when you're styling your hair you can opt instead to do finger coils which can be done in less amount of time that requires the technique of twirling small amounts of hair around your finger with a little bit of product in order to achieve a consistency of a coil depending on how thin how thick how long how short and actually how many coils are in your hair will determine whether or not finger coiling your hair will give you that results versus doing, coils on your hair so try both and then you can see which one gives you the effect of making your curls appear more prominent or your coils appear more prominent not the last of that I'm going to suggest is just putting it out there just in case you have considered it for you have always wondered about what this is an option that you would like and this is about texturizing in your hair now some people like to texturizer hair to number one make a little bit more manageable to cut down on detangling and also number two to make their hair appeared maybe less frizzy less poofy or even less defined what texturizer does is it elongates an already existing curl pattern so if you have Afro hair and you never see your hair have any type of distinct curl pattern when put a texturizer your hair all is going to do is elongate your kinks or your curls by elongating all of your hair so instead of having a very tight kinky texture you will have a very loose kinky type of hair and then say for instance if your hair has more defined coils and it is just going to elongate the coils it actually just stretched them down a little bit to give you more of your length retention as well as help with unmanageability when it comes to detangling and things like that as well so that's just an option you don't have to texturize your hair to make your curls appear but this can help if you want your curls to appear little bit more better by helping to relax the look of your curls and also just like I have previously said you can do comb twist or comb coils or finger coils and then its also a distinction between different curls and coils when it goes into hair typing and things like that you want to know more information about hair typing and what kind of products are best for that and just different suggestions that I have for haircare make sure go over to my website to check out more so thank you for your email I hope to answer a lot of questions for you and gave a better understanding as far as I understand on the nature of your hair what you can do to get a certain look you want and is always a thank you all for watching as well before any of you go make sure to sign up to my email is to be entered into giveaways that I do and also only their you will receive exclusive content so until then I'll see all of you in my very next video

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