Growing My African American Daughter's Hair

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of for this video I will be answering an email that was sent to me by his Zateria, Zateria emailed me saying that she has a six-year-old daughter and she styles her hair and takes care of her hair but she is having a problem with actually showing growth or retaining length on her daughter's hair uses quality haircare products of course always adjust but she still can't pinpoint what she's doing wrong or what she should be doing to help her daughter hair to actually grow so the Zateria thanks for your email I don't get as many emails about children haircare as much as I would think so but what I want to do is give you three suggestions that is going to help you and your daughter and anyone else who has children as well retaining the length of their hair so the first thing that I'm going to say is that you have to make sure that your styling your daughters hair is infrequent as possible this is one of my most popular tips that always give when a lot of people are having issues retaining length on the hair this does the children's hair for adults hair anyone who has hair the hair on their head you have to style the hair as infrequent as possible to limit the amount of time you have to detangle and actually manipulate the hair to achieve certain hairstyles now depending on certain hairstyles more manipulation is required like if you are going to be braiding more smaller or intricate braids or twist it is going to require more manipulation on each individual strand of hair versus doing big chunky twist outs or braid outs that require little to no manipulation to actually achieve a look so that the secret way to actually making sure your styling as infrequent as possible is to make sure that your child hair's style last until the next washday shampoo wash day to their next actual washday or the time to actually perform their haircare regimen so if you typically like to wash your daughter's hair once a week twice a week or on every two weeks or every three weeks then make sure that you opt for style that can last until that time so that way you only are combing through braiding or manipulating her hair once except for that span of time and then you actually take down her hair to wash versus styling her hair two or three times a week too much manipulation can cause breakage which causes length not to show because you're losing hair near the ends now the second thing that I want to say is that you got to make sure they are daughter's hair is protected at night I know a lot of kids tossed and turned off the night some kids are usually will fall off the bedroom in the middle of the night which can be kind of funny sometimes but the thing is that most kids are usually rowdy when they sleep so you have to make sure that her hair is protected in some kind away with either satin or silk material now silk materials are usually a little bit more pricey than satin material but both qualities are usually both qualities are usually pretty identical but if you want to go with the superb quality that offers the most slip and protection on her hair I'll suggest that you buy silk material to protect her hair now you can do this three ways usually three very popular ways which is one covering her pillow with a silk pillowcase school covering her hair with a silk bonnet or three covering her hair with a silk scarf now depending on how wild of a sleeper she is I will suggest that you just go ahead and buy silk pillowcase so that way she's tossing and turning and moving around the friction from the silk is not there silk offers superb protection because it stops the friction it it doesn't promote any friction on her hair which would actually stop her hair from getting knotted and tangled because of her sleeping and usually most kids are most people typically sleep with cotton pillowcases this is the worst type of material to have a contact with your hair because number one it causes a lot of friction every time you move your hair's going to stick with the fibers break in the number two cotton is very absorbent it absorbs to about 20 times its weight so when she's sleeping her hair is going to be dry the next morning make sure using silk material or satin material as well to protect her hair throughout the night now my third suggestion that I'm going to say is that you have to keep up with trims now I know you're using quality haircare products but I'm not sure per say of you are keeping up with her damaged or her trims o make sure that you're just evaluating the ends of her hair is the end of her hair starts to split is it starting to thin this is starting to get little single-strand knots or what people like to call and also fairy knots are you noticing that her ends are very course and dry no matter how much you actually moisturizing these are a lot of indications that can suggest that she has just minimal damage on her ends in have to keep the damaged ends out of the way because in order to actually see her hair grow you have to stop the ends from breaking so these all my tips that I have for you and your six-year-old daughter a lot of these tips as well actually all of these tips can help you with your hair if you feel like you're having problems growing your hair as well so thanks for your email and thank you all for watching and also before you go make sure to sign up for my email is to be automatically entered into any giveaways that I do and also only their you will receive exclusive content so until then I'll see all of you in my very next video

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