Why Do Black People Have Nappy Short Hair?

Breanna Rutter

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Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of for this video I will be as you email that was sent to me from Rita, Rita emailed me saying that she does not understand why its so hard for black girls to grow longer hair she feels like there is no reason why someone should be struggling with short hair considering the fact that there is so much free knowledge and education out here in the world to learn how to grow longer hair so naturally when I first read it awesome that maybe this person was you know from a different background or ethnicity they may not understand black hair things like that you have a stepped back I realize that it really doesn't matter is legitimately a concern for many people is legitimately and issue that a lot of individuals have as far as it comes with growing longer hair so many of us want to know how to longer hair what do I need to put on what should I do how should I braid it how should I twist it what should I be putting on my hair and the thing is that there's a lot of different factors that come into your rate of growth as well as how well you can retain the length of your hair so what I am going to do is tell you three legitimate things that get in the way three very major reasons taking away a lot of individuals a lot of black girls who suffer with being able to grow longer hair so the very first thing I'm going to talk about is that relaxing your hair can affect your hair growth or your length retention to what I mean by that is that relaxes by nature there are it's a product used to actually control or actually cause damage as your hair to control the condition of your hair this is a permanent chemical that will forever alter the pattern and the texture of your hair unless you decide to cut this hair off and start all over again if you want to go back natural or whatever your choice is a relaxer by nature breaks down your hair in a sense think of it as a controlled way of damaging your hair because this is what a relaxer or texturizer is doing and what this is doing is bringing your hair to a state of straightness permanently and its also altering that the disulfide bonds in your hair which makes the reverse that is more more details that you learn as far as what happens a more smaller scale and you can refer to my website if you want more information about relaxers and relaxed hair but this is a major reason that stops a lot of black girls from growing longer hair because it's in a sense damaging the hair that you can still have healthy relaxed hair but the thing is that it is a form of damage you are doing onto your hair to get a certain effect of look that you would like and this also can cause thinning it can cause hair loss ot can even cause baldness for many who don't use a chemical appropriately for the specific needs the second major thing that causes a lot of stunted growth when it comes to black hair is the fact that popularly a lot of girls would like to style the hair like to wear some type of sew in or hairstyle that requires leave out not gonna leave out is believed is literally leave I'll leave out the amount of hair that you use to smooth over the weft of your extensions now some individuals try to stay from heat damage so they off work early extensions that they can use to blend with their natural hair and then some woman like to wear straighter weaves and in order to wear straighter weaves if you don't have straight hair you have to flatiron or use large rollers to get her hair straight as possible now the problem with flat ironing or heat straightening your leave out is that it causes heat damage especially if you are constantly applying heat now you can apply heat every once in a while on your hair for manageability if this is something that works for you and your hair will be just fine you will suffer with heat damage if you have done so appropriately but is a common culprit to a lot of hair loss and breakage and stunted growth with black girls hair is that since that is a popular style to wear sew ins with some leave out often the leave out becomes damaged and even their hair itself begins the thin from the constant stress of braiding and weaving now my third and last thing that I'm going to talk about as far as why may be hard for a lot of people a lot of black girls to grow longer hair is because if they have natural hair natural hair by nature is always very tangly and on for some individuals it can be very dry and things like that now when you have natural hair it's a constant fight to keep it as tdetangled as possible especially the more coily or curly or your hair is now there is a hair typing system that some people like and some people hate or whatever reason but a hair typing system is used to help you to help you to identify what your hair type is this has you to identify the call pattern as well as the texture of your hair so that you can know the appropriate things to do that soon it best for helping you retain length so say for instance you have type I hair is the straightest of straightness hair it's usually Caucasian and Asian hair that I don't have to do protective styling to help them to grow their hair because it's naturally pretty much tangle free it flows it doesn't have much issue with any knots or anything like that so they dont have to worry about sealing in moisture and things like that because the hair is structured differently than someone say for instance with type 4 hair which can be the hardest hair to actually retain length and the hardest hair to keep moisturized because of its nature you can have moisturized type 4 hair but the problem is that it will still feel dried to touch most times because he hair by nature is more course and more Textured its filled with more twists and bends and curves so when you touch it doesn't feel silky or smooth and a lot of people confuse silkiness will be moisturized with your hair can be kinky and moisturized so you just got honest and the nature of your hair and this is a common on major reason why a lot of black girls may have problems growing longer hair is because you are constantly trying to fight against the tangles and knots that your natural hair go through this is a natural thing especially when it comes to shrinkage in natural hair because your hair will literally just dry all the way up or just become so entangled and wrapped around each other that it would actually become matted if you're not properly cared for your hair especially when washing and things like that so Rita thanks for your email because I understand what you mean there is a lot of free information out there yet some people do have problems growing longer hair for whatever reason some people may be on new in the hair journey some people may have became more lazy with caring for the hair some people may have even given up on her hair and just do whatever just to maintain a look so I want to ask you all a question how was it with your hair journey I'm not talking about if you went natural or if you want relaxed but I'm talking about the process of learning how to actually just care for your hair what has it been like for you what things have you overcame and what would yo like to show others to help them as well so thanks Rita for your email and I'll also before you go make sure to sign up for my email is so that way you can be entered into giveaways that do and also only there you will receive exclusive content so until then I'll see all of you in my very next video

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