Deep Condition Your Hair With Coconut Oil!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of and for this video I have is an email that was sent to me from a lady named Salona, Salona emailed me stating that her daughter has natural hair, she has relaxed hair and she wants to know was the best deep conditioning product used for both of them because she's tired of buying separate haircare products to take care of the hair so thanks Salona for your email and all of these videos definitely can help a lot of individuals especially households that have different heads of hair whether it's just a couple sister is a whether parents who have children with him natural hair as well so the things I'm going to suggest to you are some basic guidelines the basic requirements is required in a deep conditioning product that is going to work for your hair and for natural hair so my very first thing is that when reading the ingredients list on the back of various deep conditioning products you got to make sure there are no silicones in the that means no water-soluble silicone or non-water-soluble silicones you want to learn more about that you're not sure what those different terms need I suggested for our talk about in more detail on my website so go ahead and search for silicones and you will see some information about that but you want to just make sure that you're not using any types of silicones in your deep conditioning product because this will effectively serve as a product for your hair and your daughters hair silicones cause build up in a can stop the blockage of other materials been able to absorb into your hair to make sure that's not on your ingredients list now the second tip that I'm going to say is that you got to make sure that with him through whatever products you are using or even if you want to specifically using oil whether oils are and other products or the music well by itself make sure using a high quality oil which I prefer is called press virgin oils I've also gone into plenty of details about these oils is a very commonly asked question about what these oils are and what they do for the hair so that’s on my website as well but when you are using cold pressed virgin oils it is the most superb quality of oil from the specific plan so that means is able to best penetrate your hair the oil by nature is slightly more alkaline because of the process required to extract it which means that it actually helps your cuticles to raise or lift so that way the oil can actually penetrate somewhat into your hair in different was a different someone else cannot penetrate the hair shaft and some can for example coconut can penetrate your hair shaft and also depending on the nature of your hair it can also serve as a sealant just because you put coconut oil the hair doesn't mean that all of you absorbs into your hair is just the oil that's best for penetrating your hair shaft for coconut oil jojoba oil and avocado oil are great oils that you look for in your deep conditioning product that will serve its purpose for your relaxed hair and for your daughter's natural hair now the last of the suggest this is going to help you to know how frequently to use it now in regards to natural hair using a deep conditioner won't be done as frequently as relaxed hair when you have natural hair you usually have to deep condition anywhere from once a month or possibly even twice a month depending on how dry your hair can get sometimes now if you relaxed and got a deep conditioning more frequently because your hair has been in a sense damaged from the actual relaxing process the relaxing process breaks down the nature of your hair and comprises the health of your hair you can still have healthy relaxed hair its very possible that many individuals do have healthy relaxed hair but she just got amp up your moisturizing needs as well as your protein needs as well so those are my tips for you I hope fingers crossed that you can find a product is perfect for your hair and your daughters have the most cases usually people have used different products to fit both of those needs so on thank you for your email and thank you all for watching this video and also before any of you go make sure to sign up for my email is so that way you can be answered in any giveaways that I do and also only their you will receive exclusive content so until then I will see all of you in my very next video

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