Transition To Relaxed Hair To Natural Hair WITHOUT CUTTING!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of for these videos I love to answer the questions you all send me via email so if you have any questions you would like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below for additional information this video is because of an email I received from Linda Linda says that she really wants to go natural but the problem is she's relaxed and even though she’s relaxed she has super thick hair so she knows that when she goes natural is going to be even more to deal with so she just really need some very simple things that she can incorporate to help the whole process be a lot more easier for her so Linda I am here to help and I'm going to tell you exactly the things that I want you to do to make the process a whole lot easier so the very first thing I am going to suggest that any time before you are styling your hair you always want to make sure that you type a slippery agent as well as water to help you to gently glide your fingers or comb through your hair and that is using a quality moisturizer and also using water by using water to dampen your hair this naturally helps the hair elongate because of the weight of the water and then when you add a moisturizer or condition onto your hair this also as a little bit more weight which stretches a little more and then it's a slip agent so that way when you're gliding your fingers are your comb through your hair it doesn't snag that's like the difference between combing dry hair versus hair that's soaked with condition or loaded with a moisturizer you definitely feel the difference when you are combing and detangling so that a must especially, especially for thick the second tip that I am going to suggest is that what I want you to do is make sure that you will some food on me keep your hair styles being that your hair is thick you don't want to have to come through it much because it's some work so what I want you to do is keep your hair in braids or twist or weaves whatever is your choice here on my channel I have so many different kinds of tutorials and instructional step-by-step DVDs that can help you to make sure they are able to do certain styles to your hair that you would like and of course if you need more information on any of those files check on the description box for more help on how to do so for what I want you to do is just make sure that you're keeping your hair in a style that can last more than a couple of days a week is best especially for hair that is thick and maybe even hard to manage and now my very last tip that I am going to suggest is that what I want you to do is to blow outs on your hair before styling now depending on how much heat your hair can take and also depending on your goals for your hair maybe you don't want to use see if you don't want to use heat you have to do this step specifically but it does help you with making sure they are able to part your hair and go through your hair without much of a struggle a bit stretched to some type way so you can actually let your hair stretch by putting in twist or braids and then unraveling it before you actually do some type of style to it or you can simply do a blowout with your hair with using grape seed oil, grape seed oil is my number one choice of oil that I suggest when you're doing blowouts because grape seed oil handles a very high temperature which forms a barrier between the heat actually surging or damaging your hair so if you just put a little bit of grape oil on your sections and then blow-dry them this will help you with styling greatly specially for thick hair this is a super helpful tip for anyone who's ever struggled with trying to do their hair because they feel like because you constantly have to comb through it because its so thick or because its so curly is to do a blow out before your styling because it makes a lot of things so much easier and you don't have to put your blow-dry on high setting you dont even have to put it on a medium setting put it on the lowest setting possible that way you have to use really any heat at all much of any and then you can get the same effect of blown out hair before you actually begin styling so those are my tips for you incorporate all of them and this is going to help the entire process a whole lot easier as you go from having relaxed hair to natural hair thank you for your email and of course thank you all for watching and for more make sure to check out the description box but until then I'll see you all in my next video

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