Can You Go Natural With Braids & Weaves?

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of and for these videos I answer the questions you all send me via email so any of you have any questions you would like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below for additional information so that I get right into this video in this video is because of an email that Colette send in Colette so said that she has natural hair and she wonders if you can actually wear weave with natural hair and also she says if it helps she has for a type 4a hair so please give her some suggestions on some things that she can do to where different types of styles of possible so of course yes you can wear weave natural hair and I'm going to give you some things that I want you to keep in mind when doing so and I'm going to give you some suggestions as well so the very first thing down want to suggest is that if you are going to be wearing a weave make sure to find extensions that mimic very closely to the natural curl pattern of your hair so that way when it's installed it looks so much like on hair in it even very blend the book with your own hair additionally if you don't want to leave out any of your hair you can always completely conceal hair which is a very popular choice of wearing sew ins that can do that for you so my second tip that I do suggest is that when you're if you're deciding on wearing braids or twist extensions I highly suggest that you use kanekalon on braiding hair to do so kanekalon on braiding hair is a type of braiding hair that already has a texture to it so pretty much blends with all types of hair but is more so reserved for hair that's not naturally silky so you have any natural kinks or textural coarseness to your hair I highly suggest using kanekalon on as far as Toyokalon braiding hair is better more for people who have more of a silkier texture feel to the hair and then for my very last tip I'm going to suggest for your hair styling options is that if you do want to leave out your real hair with your style make sure that instead of using heat which is something you mentioned you don't want to use heat if you are going to be wearing weaves is that if you are going to be blending your hair with your extensions or leaving out any of your real hair you can use rollers to do so so if your hair if your extensions have more of a relaxed look to will work if it's more elongated the curls aren’t really as tight as yours then use large rollers to mimic the look of your extensions so they can blend all whole lot easier and even if you're you decide to use extensions or a little bit curlier than your real hair you can use perm rods to mimic that by rolling your leave out in small sections with per rods so that way when it dries and unravels it looks just like your extensions so those are so many tips that you can incorporate them wearing your weaves a braids with or whatever you want to do and of course I make countless amounts of hair styling DVDs they can teach you any style you wanted to step-by-step so thank you for your email and also I want to thank all of you for watching and if anyone wants any more additional information on the things I mentioned go ahead and check out the description box below so thanks and I will see you are in my very next video

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