Washing Natural Hair In Braided Sections

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of and for these videos I love to answer the questions that you all send me via email so any of you have any questions you like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below for additional information so now we getting right on into this video in this video is because of an email Tiana sent me Tiana says that she has 4c hair which means that she has incredible shrinkage and its extremely hard to co-wash and shampoo wash her hair all the time so she wants to know was a very simple technique that she can do to make co-washing her hair a lot more easier so Kiana I feel you girl I have 4c hair I have incredible shrinkage and I know how it feels when you want to cowash and you having so many problems some to give you some tips of exactly what you should do to help the entire process be a breeze so the very first thing is that you want to handle your hair manageable actions I like to manage my hair and about six to 8 sections what I do is I just use my fingers to divide my hair so I use all my fingers I grab a section of my hair that's about all little bit smaller than the actual palm of my hand and then I pre section all the pieces with just my hands then asked what I do is I like to put conditioner on my hair and what I do is I work on one section at a time so I like to divide one section two strand twist the section all the way down in the near the end I braid of braid by overlapping just a couple of times if you have a braid at the individual sections is too long when you do go wash her hair it still will shrink a little bit and it makes it very hard to take down the long braid so if you barely the ends before you co wash your hair it’s very easy to untangle it as you are combing through so especially for 4c hair I never suggest that your detangling before you add any water or any conditioner so when you go to the sink after all of your sections I have been twisted with the very ends braided what you want to do is put you want to use water to wet all of your hair or just one section at a time I like to wet all of my hair and then I like to focus one section at a time by working in a little bit of oil and a little bit conditioner so I start for example on the first section at the top of my head and then I unravel the little braid at the very end unravel the twist and now have a free haired section that I need to detain through so I take my wide tooth comb after I've applied conditioner on hair I start and the ends and then I comb all the way through the roots when I get to the roots I comb through the roots just a couple of times all the way through to make sure that it's all free of tangles then I reTWist the section and braid just the very ends just a little bit then I repeat the process so then I go to the next section I unravel the little braid at the end unravel the twist add conditioner use my white tooth comb, comb from the bottom all the way to the roots called all the way through the very bottom just a few times and then I retwist was that section right back again so after I finish detangling all the way through my hair I have all of my twists back intact with just a little braid at the end and then I rinse all the conditioner out of my hair and then I unravel each section to prepare for either a braid out or a twist out or I dry it for a tutorial or something like that so when you are a watching your 4c hair everything you do have to be done in sections because you suffer from so much shrinkage you don't want to have a lot of single strand knots so I hope this is helped you hope that you understand exactly what I mean by make sure that you twist each section and just braid the very ends as you are handling each individual section of hair at times so that way you can cowash your hair effectively thank you for your email and I will also thank all of you for watching as well for more information of course check out the description box to do so and until then I will see you all in my very next video

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