I Want To Go Natural With My Hair But I CANT! HELP!

Breanna Rutter

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Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of the book the natural hair Bible and founder of and for these special videos I love to answer the questions you all send me via email so any of you have any questions you like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below for additional information so are going to get right on into this video and today this video is a response to email I received from Jamila, Jamila emailed me because she says she really wants to go natural with her hair but her parents won't let her she also states that when she tried to talk to her parents about it they told her it’s not really a proper look that they will one for her to where they don't think that will suit our best or look as appropriate for her so what she wants me to do is to help her to talk to her parents more about it to figure out how to get them on board to helping her to go natural with her hair so Im glad you emailed me and hopefully you're showing this to your parents so they can see the stance that I have as far as how to go about going natural with your hair and some things that can help you and your parents transition to it as well so the first thing I that I want to state is that right off the bat you have to show that you are responsible child so I don't know how old you are don't know what grade you’re in and I don't know the level of responsibilities your parents have given you but to go natural with your hair you're showing an initiation that you want to take some responsibility for the look that you have so you already have to be showing some responsibility in your life so say for instance are you listening to your parents when they tell you to do your chores are you turning your homework in on time do you make sure to come home during curfew I mean parents are more likely to be on board with the decisions that you want to go with if you're showing that you are responsible young adult or young child so make sure that you're being mindful when your parents are asking you to do something or wanting to know more about different situations that you may be experiencing you have to be more open with your parents and more yielding towards their respect to considering the fact that if you live amongst your parents in your home so another tip that I want to give is that what I want you to do is show your parents the type of styles that you would like to where works the different types looks that you would see with your natural hair so I don't know if you already know how your hair looks natural because I'm not sure how long you been relaxing or if you actually really know the curl pattern way your hair looks what I want you to do is show some pictures to your parents up women with all different kinds of curl patterns and all different types of shapes and colors and different things like that to get them interested in different will look that they may see also even show them even some videos that you may have found about different types of curl patterns and hair textures and things like that so this is probably brand-new to your parents it could be that they don't think natural hair will be proper for you to wear a kind of made me assume that they may not be used to seeing natural hair as much or they may not have just had much experience with it so I just want to open up this world to your parents and show them the things that you like show them some ideas of how you would like to wear natural hair what you think your natural hair will more so look like and things like that just to get the more comfortable with actually seeing more natural hair styles and the last thing that I want to propose is that your parents use me as a testimony to see that you can do so much with natural hair all of my tutorials are done on my natural hair I have natural 4c to a lot of people this is the best grade of hair because it's most able to mold to any twist out or braid out any shape some people feel like is the least favorite hair because it's more kinky or is too curly I mean some people like different things I love my hair I set my have everything that is and I love it that I can transform into anything I want if I wanted to straighten my hair for more sleep look I can do that if I want to wear braids I can do that to buy one were straight hair styles by wearing sew ins or invisible parts or something like what I have here which is called tree braids I can do whatever I want your limited by your hair being natural in your not limited by her hair being relaxed so express your parents that this is something you really want to do with your hair you really want your hair to be in a natural state and you want to do what it takes to help take care of your hair so of course the number one way that you can show responsibility as far as taking charge of your hair is by letting your parents know that you want to continue to educate yourself learn more about it in a perfect place to start is my book the natural hair Bible of course you can find other resources and continue to search online or at different outlets for other types of information if that's your choice but Ive designed this book for someone to be able to go from having relaxed hair so natural hair and I'm not only teach you how to do the transition by either just transitioning or going doing the big chop and also show you tons of hair styles you can do so many braids and twist it will blow your mind and also I have graphs as well in the book that will show you what kind ingredients to look for when you are choosing type of product you like to buy so thank you for sending this email I hope you enjoy this video I hope you learned a lot and put into perspective how your parents may feel put yourself in their shoes to see why won't they let you go natural is it because you men are seen as responsible or is it because they may be used to send a certain type of hair I mean just talk with your parents and show them that you're ready to do this in you are responsible enough to take charge of where you want your hair go so thank you for sending me this question I hope this is help anyone else was watching and before any of you go make sure to check out my description box to be automatically answered for any giveaways that I do by signing up for my email is and only then you will receive exclusive content so until then I'll see you all in my very next video

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