My Hair Smells Like Mildew! Weave Extensions Advice!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of and for these videos I love to answer the questions you all send me via email so if any of you have any questions you would like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below for additional information today this video is because of a question I received from Isa, Isa emailed me because she is completely frustrated with her hair she says that every time she gets her sewins done by her hairstylist her stylist always suggest that she doesn't wash her hair she has to leave it for certain period of time not follow certain expectations and lately she says she's been smelling a weird mildew moldy odor from her hair she is sensitive to the smells that she cannot take it anymore so thank you thank for sending me this question because I know a lot of people wonder about some is a smart, the lever and what to do to tree any hair problems like dandruff and things like that and I know this is a problem that some women have been facing is farther hair smell like mildew and mold so that should not ever happen with anyone's hair you should never leave an install long enough to even smell anything so what I'm going to do is give you three tips that I want you to start incorporating right now because you need to do these things to immediately alleviate your hair from these problems they are having so the very first thing that you must do is wash her hair with a sulfate shampoo now I know a lot of natural girls are natural people who have natural hair feel like you should never use sulfate shampoo it’s to stripping it too this it too that and that's the perfect thing you want to use to strip all of them mold all that mildew that could be growing in your hair because of your smelling the SMELLING nine times out of 10 is growing on your scalp on your hair so I want you to use a very good deep cleansing shampoo such as a sulfate shampoo to wash your hair so you don't have to take the sewin out you don't want to but I highly suggest that you do and that you wash her hair with a sulfate shampoo know my second tip that you going to do immediately after that is mix a concoction of virgin coconut oil and a little bit of tea tree oil tea tree oil and coconut oil are two of the very best things that you're going to use because these are the top-of-the-line ingredients that treat any antifungal problems tree anti-fungal problems they both have anti-fungal properties which killed the fungus growth such as mildew and mold so I want you to just take just a little bit of tea tree essential oil to add into a small amount of coconut oil and just use only a few drops at a time because sometimes the potencies of essential oils can be a little bit too hard to handle depending on your sensitivity to such I want you to deep condition with these two products to help kill off any mold or any mildew or any remnants of that could be on your hair scalp as well as deliver the nutrients that you need for your hair and scalp not the very last tip that I'm going to suggest after you've done the first tip and the second tip is that before styling on whether you get another some sew in or braids before you want to style your have done all your washing I want you to continue to use the same issue that you've been using every time you're taking down your hair every time you're putting in new hair and even just the tree and I want you to continue to use this product until you've read of any smell or any bad ill effects that has happened with the fact that you've been leaving your sewin in which contributed to your mildew and mold so just for clarification sewins do not call mildew and mold were caused mildew and mold is trapped moistures trap moisture is the breeding ground for funguses bacteria dandruff all types of nasty things so in order to make sure that you are not having these problems with your sew ins you have to always thoroughly dry your hair and scalp so if you or someone where sewins you like to wash her hair is very important in your drive with either a hooded dryer a handful dryer or allowing it to air dry if that’s effective for you never go throughout your day with the way scalp if you like to work out is important that you make should dryer scalp because trapped moisture is what helps an environment for mildew and mold to grow so thank you for sending the email all these tips going to take away the mildew mold from your hair and just continue to practice good habits with caring for your hair especially when wearing a sewin I have a couple of other videos in someone's as well as how to wash a sew in and things like that so search for more information on my website how to buy care want to know more thank you everybody for watching this video and thank you for sending me all of your emails that the next time I'll see you all in my very next video

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