Going Natural WITHOUT BIG CHOP! Natural Hair Care Tips

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of the books the natural hair Bible and founder of and for these special videos I love to answer all the questions you all send me via email so any of you have any questions you will like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below for additional information so are going to get right on into this video this video is inspired question I received from Amnesty emailed me because she wants to know how ca she transitioned from relaxed hair natural hair without doing the big chop she told me that I pretty much how long hair all of my life and also scared to go from long to sure just to go natural so she really wants my help in the tips I have to offer so Amnesty I am so glad you sent me this question because a lot of you always ask me how can you make that big move without cutting off so much hair someone to give you some tips to help you adjust to making a big change my first tip is that you want to style your hair as in frequent as possible so my best suggestion is that you wear a hairstyle that can last until your next wash day or even until your second washday before you take down that hairstyle the reason why I say this is because you are going to suffer a big risk of experiencing hair breakage and the reason why is because you have a line of the demarcation so pretty much a line of demarcation means that the moment when you're relaxed hair meets your natural hair is the point where breakage is most likely to happen and with a lot of people who do finally go natural and keep their relaxed hair when they are experiencing breakage they usually notice right at that point is where the hair breaks off in this is because the two different types of your have a different state of health so it's hard to keep that together without being much tension especially when you're styling and combing your hair as well so my second tip is that you want to wear hairstyles that is going to help blend these two worlds together so I don't know if you plan on transitioning for a long time or just for short amount of time in you know your thoughts may change on the fact if you want to do the big chop or not but if you refuse to the big chop you can still go forth with having natural hair but you just want to make sure that it is blended very well so some great hairstyles you can wear are things like braids and twist perm rod sets and felxi rod sets straw sets the options are limitless so you can wear bantu knots twist outs braid outs mini twists you can choose from so many different types of hairstyles where we just your hair alone or you can add extensions onto your hair like Senegalese twists with box braids and so on so check the description box for more information on those styles that I have mentioned so that you can get help much further with how to style your hair my last tip that I want to give is that even though you don't want to do the big chop is gonna come a day when you going to have to come off your relaxed hair to keep your hair healthy a lot of women transition over a long period of time whether it be for six months one year two years three years but there is a risk still present because you have relaxed hair on the ends of your natural hair and even if all of your relaxed hair breaks off from your natural hair like mine did you still have the risk of having a lot of split ends because it hasn't been properly cut off from your natural hair so my third tip is that you don't necessarily have to the big chop but over time I do suggest that you trim of just a little bit of relaxed hair so that you can slowly transition to having 100% natural hair and getting rid of that relaxed hair which will cause damage in the future so Amnesty thank you so much for sending me that question I hope I can help you and I hope this is help anyone else who is watching it before any of you go make sure to sign up for my email is to be automatically entered for any giveaways that I do and only their you will receive exclusive content so until then I will see you all in my next video

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