Transitioning From Relaxed To Natural WITHOUT The Big Chop!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of the book the natural hair Bible and founder of and for the special videos I love to answer all of the questions you all send me via email so any of you have any questions that you would like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below for additional information so without further ado we aer going to get right on into the video in this video is inspired by a question I received from Tracy, Tracy emailed me because she needs some help as far as how to transition from relaxed hair to natural hair so of course she wants me to give her some transitioning tips and some hairstyle that she can wear so Tracy Im glad that you sent question and today I have for you 4 tips that I need to always keep in mind to follow along with as you are making the big so my first tip is that from this point on you have to say no to heat the reason why is because using heat often will cause heat damage on your hair and a lot of new naturals suffer from heat damage because it's the easiest crutch fall back on to help blend those two worlds so when you're fighting between relaxed hair and Natural hair often is is really easy just to put a hot comb for your hair or use a flat iron or something to straighten your hair out and this is a big problem because this will lead to heat damage and to just to avoid all that just stay away from heat from this point on as you're making your transition the next tip that I want to give you which is tip number two is that you have to have all of your products and materials ready for you to embrace your natural hair so what I mean by that you have to have those basic things for your hair care regimen which include number one will be water, water is the biggest thing that want to give you the moisture that you need for your hair so you're just going to have a spray bottle around with some water in it to help give you more moisture as needed number two is that you are going to need a large detangling comb so it doesn't matter if you have 2a hair 3c hair 4A hair 4B 4C you want a large detangling comb to help comb through your hair so that you don't have as much kinks and damage when you are trying to detangle your hair so you want to use a small tooth comb to detangle you definitely want to have a large tooth comb to detangle and then another thing you're going to need is a hair conditioner you want to meet shampoo and you also going to need some type of oil or hair cream to lock in moisture so what I mean by locking in moisture is that you need something a little bit heavier than water such as oils or hair butters to prevent the process of water escaping from your hair too fast so if you put oil on wet hair you're usually able to keep it more moisturizer for a longer period of time then you would if you do not put oil on your wet hair so having all those basic things will take you on the way to success with having natural healthy flowing big luscious hair my third tip is that yes you can wear hairstyles in this depends on your take you can wear extensions or you can wear your real hair as is so for the third tip you can of course where weaved hair extensions are regular braid extensions or twists the options are limitless I have so many different DVDs that I have put out to help you style your hair as well as other women also want to wear extensions right now I'm wearing braids and I have natural hair so that is a big help especially when you don't have as much time to do your hair as often as you like to and my fourth tip is that for natural hair styles there's a lot of options that you can wear to help blend your natural hair with your relaxed hair especially if you are not ready to cut off your relaxed hair yet so both options go for her might say perm rod sets flexi rod sets straw sets and just typical twists and braids and a lot of natural girls like to wear so I hope those tips to help you just keep in mind that was the way from heat have all of your products and things ready and there's plenty of styles to wear and as always you can refer down to the description box because I have plenty of things – that will help you along with your journey as well so I want to thank you for sending a question and I want to thank you all for watching as well and before you go make sure to sign up for my email is because you will automatically be entered for any giveaways that do and only their you will receive exclusive content so until then I'll see you all in my next video

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