How To GROW MY EDGES BACK From Traction Alopecia!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of the book the natural hair Bible and founder of and for these special videos I love to answer all the questions you all send me via email so any of you have any questions you would like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below for additional information are going to get right on into this video in this video is because of a question I received from Sasha, Sasha emailed me because she's struggling getting her edges to be the same length as the rest of her hair so she wants me to help her out because she doesn't really know what she's doing wrong or doing right so she does need any help that I can give somebody emailed me this question and I'm happy to help so the first tip that I have for you to help your edges grow longer and at least be the same length of the the rest of your hair is that I want you to flat twist with your edges at night so what I mean by this is I want you to just use your fingers I dont want you to use combs to comb through your edges or anything do everything with your fingers saw want you to use your hands to separate about it inch to 3 inches of a perimeter around the entire hairline and then I want you to flat twist with your entire hairline to prevent hairs from coming out or getting caught in other sections of your hair before you go to bed and you can even wear flat twists around your edges and incorporate it with your hairstyle as well by doing this this limits the amount of tension placed on your edges as you are detangling your hair so say for instance your you you're getting ready to do a co wash or shampoo your hair or just style your hair I want you to make sure that you've already sectioned off your edges and flat twisted it in a continuous flat twist out of with out-of-the-way so that you can comb through the rest of your hair and detangle it without too much extra tension placed on your edges so the second tip that I want to give you is that you must always sleep with a silk scarf a silk bonnet or a silk pillowcase so whichever is better for you just go for I know sometimes when I toss and turn my silk scarf comes off so it is a good idea if I also have a silk pillowcase but you don't have to have a silk pillowcase you can of course have a silk bonnet or a silk scarf and what the silk does is that it limits the amount of tension that's being placed on your hair from the friction between the scarf and your hair and it's never a good idea to wear a cotton scarf because cotton is very absorbent it absorbs to about 20 times its weight and what it is going to do is strip your hair of moisture so if you're wearing a cotton scarf that can be the number one reason why it could be hard to grow your edges long is because it's sucking moisture away from your edges around your hairline so no to cotton scarfs and yes to silk scarfs and silk pillowcases or silk bonnets so my third tip is that I want you to consult with your doctor if you are taking any medications or even vitamins the reason why mention this is because the yes I do have a lot of hair tips and haircare by simply that I want you to do to help grow your hair but one thing that a lot of women probably are paying attention to is that if you do take medications there are side effects which include hair loss so I want you to consult with your doctor one of those things whether you're taking a birth-control a heart medicine and asthma medication or even if you're taking vitamins because even too much of a good thing can be bad on your body so check with your doctor to see if there's any side effects to hair loss any problems like that because of your medication and then my work to is my last and final tip because after you've done all the tips that I just suggested this is the very last thing that I want you to try and that is using Jamaican black castor oil I've heard so many good reviews and so many good testimonies of women using Jamaican black castor oil to grow back there hair and especially their edges me personally I didn't need to use it and I've never had to use it because I've been able to get my edges and keep them really long by flat twisting wearing silk scarves and different things like that so what I want you to do is try using Jamaican black castor oil and also along with flat twisting your edges I want you to try the LOC method as well in the previous video I talked about what the LOC method is and what it does for your hair so I'll restate what is because the LOC method stands for L which is liquid O which is oils and C which is cream what I want you to do when you are black twisting your perimeter around the edges to keep the hair preserved out of the way to limit the friction and tension is to incorporate the LOC method to keep your hair moisturized the number one thing that leads to a lot of hair loss with black hair is because it's chronically dry or over manipulated so make sure to incorporate something like that so your liquid to be water or the leave in conditioner you can use your favorite oil of choice and then finally use some type of hair cream or hair moisturizer to put one top of your hair so this video has been super loaded with tips and there is something in there that's going to help you and especially even incorporating all of it is going to put you on a successful track to getting your edges to be just as long as the rest of your hair so i hope that helped you and I'm so happy to sent you the email and also hope video has helped anyone else was watching as well and before any of you go make sure to check out my description box and sign up for my email is because only their you will be entered for giveaways and only their you will receive exclusive content so until then I will see you all in my next video

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