THE BEST Products For Natural Hair!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of the book the natural hair Bible and founder of for the special vlogs I love to answer all of the questions you are send me via email so if you have any additional questions that you will like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below for additional information so without further ado we are going to get right onto the topic in this topic is about hair products so a lady named Tracy emailed me and she told me that she is be are frustrated with products no matter what she uses she just can't seem to get to work with her hair so she wanted to know the very best of products that she should specifically be using to help keep her hair healthy and moisturize someone to go through of some different answers and different things that you want to consider when trying to figure out what's the best products that you need to use for your hair and first of I want to state that there is no number one best product for you to use their so many different kinds of products out there on the market with so many different types of formulas and ingredients so the very first thing that you need to understand in regards to how you can find the best products for your hair is that you know what ingredients you're looking for in your products there’s a lot of product that promises moisture that promises split end repair that promises a lot of different things but you don't know what you're putting on your hair unless you actually are knowledgeable about what's in the ingredients so I wrote a book called the Natural Hair Bible in my book I talked about all of the ingredients that you want to stay away from when you're finding your products and all the ingredients that are okay and great to use for your hair so there is no one thing fits all for that specific hair type or specific had a pair because there's so many different factors as far as even when you live because some ingredients like glycerin that may be in your shampoo and conditioner will actually make your hair really frizzy or make it hard for you to keep your hair moisturized and because there's so many ingredients and so many different things the reasons why I don't want you to use certain types of materials in your shampoos and conditioners that's why I've written this book to help give you a complete guide as far as what to stay away from and what you want to have inside of your products also along with that in the description box I have a list of the top best rated products on the Internet that you could try to use for your hair I'm not guaranteeing that all of them will absolutely work because your head hair is unique and different from every other head of hair but the best way to try to figure out what specific products could work for you is by reading up reviews when I'm looking for products that I will like it doesn't have to even be about hair it could be anything that could be creams and lotions it can even be clothes I like to read the reviews because those are the actual people who have bought those products you may have have the type of hair that you have so that's also a second great thing that you want to put into consideration is to read up on reviews in regards to other products as well as purchase the book if you really want a detailed guide when you are shopping for your products so that you know what you're looking out for so Tracy I hope that that has helped you and I'm glad you sent me this email message because I know a lot of you always ask me what do I use for my hair should I use this should I use that and I'll give you the best way to go about picking those best products for your hair and for your hair type and what you want to consider when making a purchase so I hope this video has helped you and all of you are watching as well and remember to check out the description box below for any information that I may have mentioned in this video as well as in the way that you could reach and go about contacting me for your questions so until then I will see you all in my next video

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