Do Sew-ins Cause BREAKAGE of Make Your Hair FALL OUT?

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of the book the natural hair Bible and founder of and for these special videos I love to answer all of the questions if you all send me via email so you have any questions that you would like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below this video for additional information so without further ado were going get right onto it and I recently received an email from a lady named unique unique told me that she likes to wear sewins which is her favorite hairstyle but she's noticing that when she takes down her sewins her hair always acts differently to the same haircare practices and products that she likes to use and she wants to know why and she wants to know if I could help her figure out what's going on so I am glad email me that question and I'm going to give you some different answers as the why your hair is probably behaving differently after you have taken down your sewin and the first thing that I want to let you know is that before you get your sewin installed you may already be balancing an issue with the moisture balance in your hair and the protein balance in your hair so this is an whole another topic within itself about how to keep your hair moisturized or if you have enough moisture versus protein because typically speaking when you have too much protein in your hair it's very easy for you to experience breakage you can literally just put a wide tooth comb through your hair your hair will constantly break off when you comb it that means you have too much protein in your hair and also if you notice that when you do comb hair and it gives a lot of stretch way more than normal and then it snaps or it feels really thin and wispy sometimes this can be because you are lacking moisture in your hair so in order to figure out which one is in your favor when adding your favor you have to know how your hair reacts and behaves when you don't have enough moisture or protein in your hair so in the description box below I have a link to an extensive website blog that I wrote on as far as checking to see if you have enough moisture or protein in your hair and a second answer that I want to give in regards to making sure they are hair behaves take down your sewin it is that you want to play a balancing act when you have your hair installed so I mean by that is number one you need a spray that's constantly going to incorporate protein your hair and number two you need some type of leaving sprayed is going to cost incorporate moisture so in a situation use the typical moisturizer that you like to use for your hair and water it down just a little bit if you already use a very watery moisturizer that's perfect but normally if your moisturizers are very thick I want you to add it into a separate container and water it down with a little bit of water so every day you want to spritz your hair or spritz your braids underneath your sewin to keep it moisturized you want to on one day use just your typical moisturizing spray and then on day two you want to use it moisturizing sprayed that is infused with protein and specifically speaking you want to make sure that the protein is hydrolyzed protein hydrolyzed protein will bond to the follicles of your hair and help keep it strong and make sure that it has a good protein level so then by the time you take down your hair your hair should have a good balance and depending on how your hair is your hair may favor more protein or it may favor more moisture so just as long as you have your sewin in every other day skip between your normal moisturizing spray by spritzing your braids or you can use a spray that is infused with hydrolyzed protein to help give you the healthy balance so unique I hope that this help you and I like your name super unique but any who I am glad that you email me and that you told me the situation you were having with your hair so that I can help you in the best way that I know how so if any of you have any questions that you like for me to answer be sure to go to the description box below this video to figure how you can get those questions to me but until then I will see all my next video

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