Good Hair For Senegalese Twists!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter from for these special videos I left as all of the questions that you all send me via email so if you have any questions that you will like for me to answer make sure to check out the description box below for additional information so without further ado to get right want to the topic in this is all about Senegalese twist a lady named Estella emailed me and she told me she's no to is Senegalese she want them to turn are really good for the first time so she wants me to tell her was the best hair to use so Estella on the to give you a little bit rundown of the options of hair you want to use going to go about making sure to install some really beautiful Senegalese so the first thing I want to tell you is of course the type of hair that you can use to do your twist which include kanekalon braiding hair Toyokalon braiding hair and Marley braiding hair now offering these different types of hair will give you a different texture to your twist you want a very extremely silky smooth look to your twist I highly suggest using tour Toyokalon hair and this is also the best hair to use if you're Caucasian or your Hispanic you have more of a straighter textured hair I will suggest that you use Toyokalon braiding hair to do your Senegalese twist so that it matches the same texture as the extension now as he gets more kinkier we go next to Kanekalon hair kanekalon hair is synthetic braiding hair just like Toyokalon hair but Kanekalon hair has a few more kinks to its more texturized so this works best with African-American hair this is a type of hair that I like to use when I'm doing my Senegalese is that I like use Kanekalon hair and depending on the look am going for with my hair if I want to go long or short I always make sure to have between 6 to 8 packages of hair sophisticates I want them sure I can cut some the packages and you still have been a pair for another style will I want them really long and I will use all eight packs were really full long look so this is the preferred hair to use especially for African Americans hair break pretty much black hair this is the preferred hair to use when you are doing your Senegalese twist now we go a little bit more kinkier texture with Marley braiding hair and my hair I have Marley braiding hair but this style is called Havana twist because of technique that I use to achieve this look in similar terms this is like a large is Senegalese twist but when you want to do the typical standard size Senegalese twists you can use Marley braiding hair it will look a little bit more rough to make a little bit more rough but it gives you extreme texture so as far as how textured you want your twists to look the order goes from Toyokalon braiding hair kanekalon braiding hair and then Marley braiding hair so right off the bat just use Kanekalon braiding hair for your first install Senegalese twist the pressures going to turn are really pretty for you also I have done plenty of tutorials about how to do Senegalese twists how to style them and even the various materials that you will need along with tips and techniques for doing your twist as well so for that information be sure to go on over and go on down and check out the description box so you can watch my tutorials of how to do it and also to see additional information I have about Senegalese twists so Estella hope that this has helped you and am excited to know how you Senegalese turned out and I wish you all the best of luck and I want to thank you all for watching this video thank you so much and until next time I'll catch you in my next video

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