Sealing Ends Of Kanekalon Braids!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of the book the natural hair Bible and founder of for these special videos I love to answer all of the questions that you all send me via email so of you have any more additional questions that you will like for me to answer be sure to check down below in the description box for more information so without further ado are going to get right on into the topic and the topic of this video is about feeling your braids so a lady name Octavia, Octavia emailed me and she said hey Breanna every time I do my braids they always unravel on me and throughout the day I have to keep re-braiding the very bottom of my braids so she wants me to give her some suggestions as far as what to do and how to stop them from unraveling so the very first thing that always suggest no matter what style you have when it comes to braid or twist extensions is that you dip the ends and extremely hot water this is the best and most safest way that you can seal the ends of your braids when you are sealing the ends of your braids or your twists they will not unravel on you if you dip them in hot water not a problem thank you okay with this will how is how water going to help my braids from unraveling what it does is that it really locks and all of the fibers together and forces them to stay intertwined within one another when you just braid the ends of your braids its very easy for them to unravel but the hot water reinforces the bond of your braids and your twists which prevents them from unraveling so what you want to do is make sure that you use an amount of water whether you have a couple water bowl preferably a cup the way you want to do is make sure that the water starts to boil or reach boiling temperature as soon as that happened the water is as hot as it can get and then you can dip your braids you don't want to use lukewarm water because it will do nothing for you and the water is not harder hot enough to really harden and lock all the fibers of your extensions together to prevent them from unraveling so in the description box below have some links to my methods of how I seal my braids or my twists and somethings that you can go along with as you incorporate them into your hair style so the second method of sealing your braids your twist is use a braids sealer I have started using a braid sealer this year and I absolutely love it I highly suggest that you use the braid sealer because if so common for a lot of people to either using a candlelight or a cigarette lighter and sometimes in some cases those flames can sneak of your extensions not know for the more novice or more experienced person they never have a problem with this but is not always the safest way they should seal your braids it was just because that's the way everyone else does it I hate using a cigarette lighter or candle lighter on my braids or twist because first of all the fibers are so hot and you usually have the kind of rub them with your fingers to get that and still really good and that's the always sticks to my skin and it burns so bad one with the braids often just thrown somewhere because it bothers me so much to have to do that to seal my braids so from that point on I only seal them with water or I use a braid sealer and the type of braid sealer use is just a tool that has a very high teeth in the middle of it and you use a clamp kind of squeezer plunger to open it up and close around the braids and the heat just melts it right into place and you can separate the bottom from the top you never have to roll the little ends to make them look in the or pitch off the melted fibers to do that so I highly suggest this for when you are doing your braids now the other exception is when you're not braiding to the very bottom and you don't want that kind of burns silk and or having to dip them in hot water special events are curl so I suggest is you get some regular nail blue or superglue to seal your braids when I used to do my micro braids or my extension braids I liked to braid it with hair that was curly or wavy the end so I just lately I just really like to use just regular braiding hair and I like to them to the bottom but those a moment I like to have the ends more free and more curly or wavy so I will do is break down far enough down my hair and always suggest that you braid about two 4 inches past your hair just to make sure you don't and then you take some typical nail glue or superglue and you drop about two or three dots right where you want to braids and you blow a little bit or just wave it just a little bit so the group can dry up which it does already and then you release it in your braid wont unravel so that's a third way that you can seal your braids and that way when I suggest the with the glue specifically if you want the ends to be loose you don't want the ends to be loose you want to braid my way to the bottom then dip them in hot water that's the best thing you can do or you can seal them with a braids sealer so those are all of my suggest is as far as it goes with sealing your braids specifically for Octavia she braids her own hair but they always unravel so I'm guessing she doesn't want to just seal them with a braid sealer to have that perfect and so you should dip your ends of your braids in extremely hot water dry them off and you'll be good to go solve that is help you and help all of you are watching and remember if you have any questions and be sure to check the description box for more information so until then I'll see you all in my next video

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