How To Grow Your YouTube Channel!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of the book the natural hair Bible and founder of, so for these special videos I love to answer all of the questions you all send me via email and if you have any questions that you would like me to answer be sure to check the description box below for additional information so without further ado we are going to get right on into the topic and the topic of this video is about views and subscribers so a lady named Erica emailed me she said hey Breanna I love your videos I love what you do and I noticed that you have a lot of views and a lot of subscribers I have a new channel and I really want you to give me some success tips or stories or anything that could help me bring my channel to where I want it to be so she's definitely inspired by the type of video that I do or probably maybe just the views and subscribers that she sees that I have so in this video I'm gonna give you some success tips and some different things that you can do to have a really good growing channel so the number one thing when it comes to making sure that your channel can grow and be successful is that you have to have content but you have to have consistent content this is the number one thing that's going pretty much kind of guarantee growth you to here on youtube is that you are consistent nobody likes to watch somebody that always gets on and says hey it's been a while since I did a video but look at this or I'm sorry I don't do much but here it is you have to be consistent if consistency means you can only put a video once a month then that's all you can do but if you can put a video out every day that even better that's the number one key to really having a growing channel is that your consistent in your content so now little bit more onto specific content that you should do because she didn't tell me the type of videos that she likes to do she just said I all around like beauty and fashion and different things like that so as far as your content goes I suggest that you get really focused on what specifically you would like to do on your channel there's a lot of people who are successful at doing everything like make up nails hair and outfit of the days fashion and different things like that but to really capture an audience you have to be good or just continue to be great at something you're specifically liking to do so my best suggestion is to pick one thing that you really like say for instance you really like doing makeup have to pick one thing out of beauty makeup will be what I want you to do is every makeup look that you possibly and delete answer people's burning question that they've always had about makeup one of the biggest things right here here's a video one of the biggest things that a lot of women like to ask in regards to makeup is how to pick foundation that used to be a struggle for me until I just played around with different things and I finally figured out what foundation is best for me but that's a great video especially to start up off with on your channel is to help everyone figure out how to pick foundation and specifically the right foundation for their skin tone so that's something you really want to make sure to keep in mind to think about is that along with being consistent you have to have videos that consistently about that specific passion you have so go ahead get a paper pin notebook and write down all the makeup looks at all the types of make up videos that you could possibly do a video about and just be consistent at it you dont have tell anyone how often you want to upload but in your mind you have to decide I want to upload every day once a week twice a week or how often you feel the need too so my next step as far as some tips to creating a good growing channel is that you have to have good image so I mean by a good image is that you have to have a good camera when I first got it off in my humble beginnings I had a regular HD camera it wasn't anything special but guess what you are able to see me really clear and you are able to hear exactly what I was saying so you don't have to be like everyone here on YouTube and go out and buy the T4i so that you can be able to record it is a great camera to use but use what you can if you really don't have much money just get a good quality HD camera that you can use to shoot your videos specifically for me I used a Canon rebel T2i DSLR camera to shoot all of my tutorials and videos and that's exactly what I'm using now is a good quality image I love it and if I could upgrade or if I'm ready to upgrade then I will upgrade to the T4i because I hear a lot of good things about it and I love the quality of the camera as well so on top of being consistent knowing what content you want to do you have to have a good camera and then a number for the most important thing along with having a good camera is very good lighting you will be very surprised type of camera some people use your YouTube because you would think you could see the image that clear and most of the reason why is because of the lighting that they use the type of lighting that I like to use are soft box lights there, like stage or set like but they have kind of a transparent covering around it to give a softer glow onto my face so they are not those type of really big harsh lights you would see in a music video to just shine the whole building they are more softer and not soo concentrated so that is a good color balance for the entire room so I highly suggest that you use florescent bulbs inside of your soft box lights to give you very good quality when you're recording so those are all of my tips to help you when you get your channel started the continue on the path to success what works for me may not work for you but as long as you have a clear layout plan you want to start rolling in views and subscribers and it used to baffle me when I like how is it that everyone seems to be doing this and I'm not doing that or this person is better at this when really what it comes down to is that you don't have to be specific in the type of videos that you do only stick with that and then you have to be consistent so I hope that it has helped you definitely make sure to keep all tips in mind and I hope that helps all of you are also watching this video as well you have any more questions or you want to check out any links information that I have mentioned in this video be sure to check out the description box for that and until then I'll see you all my next video

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