How To STOP Tangles In Your Hair!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of the book the natural hair Bible and founder of for the special videos I love to answer all the questions you all send me via email so if you have any questions that you would like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below for additional information to to get right onto this video and this video is definitely inspired by email that I got in this email was from Tanisha, Tanisha told me that her hair is very thick and curly and she wonders why it's so hard to be detangle and why her hair is always tangled so she wants me to give her some suggestions tips and advice about what to do with her hair so first the very first day that you have to accept Tanisha is that your hair is going to be tangly you have very thick curly hair that something is going to be hard to avoid but there's some things that you can do to help this along but I really want to understand that there is no running away from tangles and knots and just getting that comb through because the nature of your hair is very thick all of the hair is are intermingled with one another no matter what you're doing whether to twist out braid out or simply just detangling your hair to get ready for wash your hair it's like it just wants to be tangled that's how my hair is every time I run my fingers through it I catch a kink or a tangle so just get used to it and accept it and just know that there's some things that you can do to make it easier for you will not ever banish tangles so the really juicy part that I wanted to get to about really helping her tangles is that you have to do everything in sections I don't know if you already do this or not I don't really know your regiment and really tell me much about your regimen for what you want to do is everything in sections from detangling your hair from washing your hair styling your hair work on manageable sections at a time when I'm detangling my hair or just managing my hair I like to do so in about 8 to 10 sections because I noticed that its easier for me to control that portion of hair and I can get my wife to comb through it a lot better than doing so in light for big chunks that you have looser wavy hair or looser will your hair you could get through your hair managing it in bigger chunks but yeah they curly hair like what I have a what Tanisha is explaining that she has everything has to be done in sections and I really talk about this in my book the natural hair Bible because this is one thing that will really help keep you encouraged if you have thick curly hair is to make sure that you do everything in sections now its like an afterthought when I'm detangling it's not something like over getting into my hair is so hard I just it flows for me because I know exactly was going to work for me and exactly what I need to do and is what I really want to illustrate in the book is to really be a super big encouragement to anyone who is newly natural has always been natural or whose even considering it and test the waters is that I wanted to let you know different things like this that will come up in may make it difficult for you and I want to give you solutions as the whale took Tanisha all this video has helped you and help everyone was watching and if any of you have any questions always remember check out the description box to email me your questions as well so until next time I will see on my next video

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