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Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of the book the natural hair Bible and founder of and for the special videos I love to answer all the questions you all send me via email so if you have any questions that you would like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below for additional information so I got email from one of you and her name was Kat, Kat emailed me that every time she gets her braids done they hurt so bad and it's really expensive and she doesn't want to take them down and she's has just always gone through this vicious cycle she's finally coming to a point which is what should I do should I take them down or could you give me some suggestions as far as how to deal with really tight hurtful braids so she didn't say they were heavy she didn't say that anything else other than just the fact that the braids hurt really bad so Kat I'm going to give you some reasons as to why your braids hurt really bad for me to give you some resolutions as far as how to alleviate that and what you want to do next time so first the reason why your braids hurt really bad is because your braider either braided your hair extremely too tight to your standard of comfortableness or you're really tender headed is that they will be in tender head is that a lot of people think that's a bad thing and I would rather be tender headed and not to the head and me personally I don't think I'm tender headed because I can actually withstand a lot of pain but I need that level of knowing if something is uncomfortable and not so I won’t lose my hair as one big issue with hair is things that lead to traction alopecia to where hairstyles are so tight that your hair starts to recede and then you start to start lose hair so what I really want to get back to is that one you can be tender headed and that's a very good thing to note braids to type or two of the style is braids your hair to type in stylist please pay attention to your clients because they tell you exactly what they want they tell you would be hurt if it doesn't hurt that looks good it doesn't look good and you want to please them you want them to continue coming back to so Kat your braids are either too tight or you could be just tender headed but that still mean that your braids are still too tight and another thing is that people think the solution of spraying water on your scalp or on your braids are your hair helps the pain and it really doesn't what water does is it swells your real hair and it can swell the extension hair depending on if using synthetic hair or human hair so if you're using human hair within your braids it will swell your real hair and a human hair since it's real hair and what that does is it tightens the extension hair around your real hair even further to where that leads to breakage in it self and after the water dries out feels even more uncomfortable than what it was before you sprayed your braids now if you have your hair braided with synthetic care water does not wasn't pedicure and all because water cannot be absorbed into synthetic hair only into a human hair so when your hair is braided and you spray water on your scalp for a little bit of relief you will fill little bit of relief at first but this leads ultimately to breakage at the point where your real hair and the synthetic hair meets because of this so water does not work on alleviating the potential disaster that can happen it does give you immediate relief to painful braids but it will not help your situation better with your braids in the last thing I want to tell you this can be this piece of ice that I really want to run away that you probably don't want to run with because your braids are so expensive and you invested so much into it is that you down you have to take your braids down because you want to keep chasing battle with paying for expensive braids and having them done too tight and eventually want to start to lose hair in areas where you just can't take a lot of women usually recede their hair all around their hairline area and also around the temples of the head I realize that this is the most delicate area because the hair is on the edges are a lot finer than the rest of your hair in most cases and also its the number one place that has the least resistance to very tight extensions so if you keep going back to this braider that keeps braiding your hair tight and keep paying every all your money you are going to start losing your hair you will always be unhappy with the way your braids feel when I elaborate they do not hurt when other people usually there braids they don't hurt if you listen to how your scalp feels and you pay attention and you know what you can handle and not handle so Kat I hope that helped you and save a little bit of money by watching my tutorials and even purchasing my DVD on braiding your own hair so you have to deal with that anymore so as always if you need more help her any more suggestions or you need more details about the things I mention this video be sure to check out the description box below because that’s where I list everything for you all enjoyment and for your needs so I hope they help and to everyone else watching I hope this video has helped you as well as always I'll see you all in my next video

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