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Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of the book the natural hair Bible and founder of and for these special videos I left answer all the questions you are send me via email so you have any questions that you would like me to answer be sure to check out the description box below for additional information so we are going to get right on to the topic of this video and the topic of this video is about thinning hair a lady named Shanique sent me email me a message and she told me that she always gets sewins she has always gotten them done and they've never been a problem for her but what she's noticing is that she is starting to thin around the edges of her hairline for so as I read this on will automatically know that a lot of you ladies and gentlemen would really benefit from this video because this is a very common thing that a lot of you may have faced one time or another or you know someone who has went through a cycle of having thinning edges so shanique I am so glad you email me can someone help you out and tell you all the things that you want to look out for in the things that you want to incorporate to help your hair to get back thicker like what you said in your email so one thing that I really want to always clarify is that anytime you get your extensions done make sure that they are installed very comfortably you should be able to turn your head at any angle you should be able to lift your head up and down without it hurting if hurts at all that means a certain area has been braided too tight or you just really sensitive but even if your tender head and sensitive your hair is still braided to tight if it's uncomfortable so really stress your hair stylist when anything feels painful is that they can alleviate that for you so as your braider is really getting in there and braiding down your braid pattern for your sewin and it hurts tell him or her to please let up on the pressure just a little bit because it's a little bit uncomfortable you like how everything is going so far but it is just becoming painful and if that person has a problem move on because you have to keep your hair and it's not worth the money your investing into it if you going to be losing your edges so please stylist out there pay attention to your clients and do what is comfortable for them because they're telling you what they ultimately want and as a client it's definitely your responsibility to let your stylist know if your braids are braided to tight so she did not say that her braids were too tight she just said that she's always got a sewin in the done so and I was she's noticing that her edges or are starting to thin out so I assume that it's not her braid pattern that hurts or the way that it was sewn in but I know that that's one thing that really affects a lot of people so that's what I really wanted to say that first but also the next thing I want to mention that people don't ever pay attention to and it's not a problem but it can become a problem and its easily fixed when you notice that your edges are thinning it's time to do a new braid pattern that's how you can fix thinning areas on your hair especially if your hair isn't braided too tight is that you want to change your braid pattern one thing that I do is a braid pattern that I finally have mastered for my own hair that I know works every single time is that I always braid my hair straight to the back but I also have a perimeter braid it goes around the entire edge of my hairline I do the same braid pattern when I am doing the partial sewing or a full sewin and I suggest that you try this braid pattern to see if it's one that you can permanently stick with but it really helps one my edges because I have one continuous braid that will go around but as you can see I have a partial sewing so of course there's that break right there in the middle where there can't be a continuous braids but I have a braid that goes around the leave out and then I have a braid that also goes around the edges because I really like to make sure that very sensitive area as a whole braid within itself a lot of people I guess sewing done they get all their braids braided straight to the back and you know that does over time that's going to make it look like your hairline is thinning in some cases your hairline can be thinning or it won't be thinning because you're training your hair to go in a certain direction say for instance I always part delete my hair in the middle is slick down if I did that every single day eventually when I wash my hair I will always be like oh my God my hair is getting thin right there when really is just your hair is trained to lay a certain way so the thing that I really wanted to address with you is that your hair may not be thinning because what it is is that your hair could be trained but if it is thinning even if you can handle the tightness of your braids if is thinning because you know you braids are tight then you need to make make sure that the grip is loosened so that your braids is not too tight which will lead to a thinning hairline so the last and final tip that I want to give you shanique as far as a thinning hair line is that you want to start incorporating a regimen by using essential oils to apply to the scalp in your hair essential oils will help stimulate hair growth especially in certain oils rosemary oil peppermint oil and another one is spearmint oil and I am going to list those in the description box below so you can check them out and make those purchases for the oils that you would like to use for your hair essential oils help to grow your hair and help you to restore balance within your hair as well so essential oils won't make your hair grow just want to encourage hair growth just imagine when you feel something tingly on your scalp or like eating a peppermint that feels very tingly what it does is that blood rushes to your mouth if you are eating a regular peppermint and that's the tingling feeling that you get because of the essential oil that's in that specific candy in regards your scalp when you put that essential oil on your scalp like rosemary peppermint or spearmint essential oil what it does is blood rushes to your scalp and that's why get the tingly feeling so certain essential oils will make your scalp feel tingly because it's encouraging more blood flow more blood flow delivers more nutrients to your hair so I know it's a little bit delete kind of scientific into the whole hair growth thing but this is only to help encourage hair growth so in a small sense if you can think of prenatal vitamins on how some people feel like it makes the hair grow faster is because I have more nutrients to their body just like essential oils will give you more blood flow to your hair which will give more nutrients to your hair so what I suggest is you use some type of carrier oil plus essential oil to help massage on your temple area and on your hairline a carrier oil is a regular oil that you would use to help moisturize your hair or lock in moisture which will be coconut oil jojoba oil olive oil Shea oil any type of nut seed oil that you would use for your hair just put a couple jobs of essential oil into the mixture make sure that it doesn't irritate your scalp but just give you just a tingly feeling so can help promote hair growth so with all those tips sure to keep them in mind if your braids are too tight you have to loosen your grip if you have always had the same braid pattern have to have a different braid pattern and if you have done all of that but you still need help getting your hair to grow to be more thicker or to just help encourage more hair growth use essential oil with your favorite hair carrier oil to help generate more bloodflow to the area so shanique I hope that has helped you out and that you take those tips and incorporate them into your journey of your hair and also for all of you watching I hope the video has helped you as well be sure always to check out the description box for anything that I talk about in my videos so that you can see the different products that you would like to use or other recommendations as well so thank you all so much for watching and as always I will see you all in my next video

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