Hair Tips For Breakage!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of the book the natural hair Bible and founder of and for these special videos I love to answer all of the questions you all send me via email and if you have any questions that you would like for me answer be sure to check out the description box below for additional information so without further ado the topic of this video is going to be about breakage a lady named Angela emailed me and told me that every time she detangles her hair she always has a lot of breakage and I am quite sure she knows the difference between shed hair and breakage because she lets me know that is just broken little pieces that's everywhere and she wants to know why she is experiencing this right now so this is all the information she has told me I don't know if she's going to pregnancy if she takes prescription medications or anything like that she's told me every time she comes her hair she has breakage something to give you some tips as far as on what to do to help you breakage situation and somethings that you would or should incorporate into your hair care regimen so number one the first thing that really stuck out to me is she didn’t say too much about anything she does know that she has breakage the one thing that I want to remind you all and always to remind myself as well with the advice that I give is that you only want to manipulate your hair when it's wet ( for natural hair, dry for relaxed hair) I know sometimes you don’t feel like wetting your hair right now you’re in a pinch I just want grab the comb and rake through my hair and its super dry or not wet at all that is a big no-no especially in regards to very thick curly hair I don't know she has thick curly hair but she said every time she combs she has breakage so what I want you to do is make sure that you have your hair already wet in and it has slop the greatest thing with hair to make sure that you can detangle efficiently without suffering breakage is a your comb can slide through your hair with ease so number one the hair has been wet so that it can have a little bit give and you can make it bounce little bit and glide for you and also you want to slip will form a barrier between tension of your comb and the strength of your hair conditioner oil whichever one works best on your hair and feel the best when detangling load your hair with the oil your hair with olive oil hello or load your hair with any type of conditioner that you have laying around you want to lather your hair with it make sure your hair is already wet and then use your comb to detangle this will minimize so much breakage the next thing I want to talk about as far as it goes with breakage is that usually breakage usually means one or two things you either don't have enough moisture in your hair or you don't have enough protein in your hair so the thing with hair is that it shows you and tells you exactly what’s missing when you're combing your hair and you want to do this on wet hair to see whether or not you have enough moisture or of protein so make sure your hair is just wet with water when you want to do is either use the comb or your fingers use your fingers this is the best way that I think you should do it and then use one of your hands to hold your hair still so that way you're not pulling a your roots you just need to test the strength of your hair to take my hand and hold the section you will be working on now take the other hand and pull your hair stretching if it stretches and stretches like a rubber band or just continues to stretch and it snaps that means you have too much moisture in your hair so this could just means you probably need to do some deep conditioning treatment with an egg mask or mayonnaise mask or make your own protein treatment so that you can incorporate protein in your hair to balance out too much moisture in your hair so in my book the Natural Hair Bible I give a lot of different suggestions for how to make your own homemade products to do this for your hair so I give you some treatments as far as how to deep condition I have used your regular conditioner shampoo and even a leave in to incorporate with your hair when you need to balance out the two so the second way to test whether or not you have too much protein in your hair is to do the same thing while your hair is wet take that same section or different section and take just a little bit of hair we are not trying to take out all of our hair you just want to take a little bit of hair and you want to pinch it with your finger your pincher finger and your thumb and you just want to hold that section take other hand grab the hair and stretch it if it barely gives any stretch and you just stretch it breaks that means you too much protein in your hair protein make sure hair stiff and it makes it hard and he doesn't give it much elasticity moisture gives too much elasticity protein doesn't give enough elasticity so don't get too caught up in it and feel like all not alone another thing about my hair these are different things you want to keep in mind as you are incorporating products that work for you and that’s another big thing a lot of people asked me about what is best for me what is best for me you have to figure out what works with your hair and first know what you need in your hair and then figure out those ingredients that you love the feel on your hair and that’s another thing I talked about my book as well so what I want you to keep in mind is that first of all you want to make sure that your hair is wet and it has some slip to it so you can detangle for your hair to minimize breakage and secondly you want to check to make sure you have enough moisture or enough protein because too much of the other one is overkill and it will lead to breakage and remember breakage happens when your hair breaks off at a certain point on the hair strand shedding happens when the entire hair ends its lifecycle all that he is coming see a whole strands so pay attention to the hairs that you see in your in your brushes shed tears will be very short and small and stubbly and you will see them everywhere special you're combing and then shed hair is will be longer hair as the actual length of your hair so be sure to keep all those things in my and I hope that helps you and I hope this videos also help all of you are watching is welcome everyone can benefit from this and be sure to check out the description box for any information of talked about or any tips that I've given to further help you along with caring for your hair and as always I thank you all so much for watching and I was all in my next video

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