Bald Patch On My Baby's Scalp!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter from and in this video I will be ab talking out how to prevent a balding spot on the back of a baby's head this is in a big mystery as to why the back of the baby's head is balding but if you're unsure I know it can be scary because you want the baby's hair to look beautiful you don't want to see thin hair or balding hair or scalp on the back of the baby's head so in this video I'll give you some details and some tips and just share with you why the baby’s head is balding and what you can do about it so my first and main reason as to why babies ball on the back of their head is because this is the common place of friction mostly babies lay on their backs to sleep to rest to even play so because the back of the head is always being rubbed against some type of fabric this naturally will lead to breakage sometimes it may look like the back of the baby's head is completely shiny bald or even look like it's just thin hair or very blotchy amounts of hair and spaces and this is because there's just constant friction on the back of the baby’s head so don't worry that I won't grow back because it is just what is growing from the scalp is being broken off by the fabric of what the baby is laying on so a way that you can fix this and stop this from happening or being so prominent in two alternate the sides that you like to lay your child down so of course laid a child in the back is the safest way to lay a baby down but you can also do a safe way by laying them on their sides when you want to to make sure they don't roll over on her stomach or suffocate themselves is to use pillows to around the baby almost like a pillow fortress so as you lay the baby on the side use pillows to prop their head and even put pillows on the sides of their body so they don't actually roll over on their stomach this will help alternate the delete different way they will give you the back of their head a chance to actually start showing some length also what you can do to help the hair from breaking on the back of the baby's head is to use a different type of fabric so that the baby's head doesn't have as much friction probably you're using cotton pillows for the baby’s head to lay on and you want to use a more gentler fabric like silk so what you can do is actually just turned the whole entire area with silk materials or you can actually use a silk pillowcase for the baby to lay its head on silk is not really an absorbent material so any moisture or anything in the baby's hair will stay container also helps with friction as it doesn't provide much friction so the baby can grow its hair without constantly breaking off so the second reason why they head is balding or the hair is thinning in a certain area is because the baby is just naturally developing his time go on the baby is going to become a child after he has turned from a toddler to a teenager and then in adult so right now the bones are growing cells are still dividing new skin is still growing everything is developing so maybe some times the hair will not actually grow in as full as what you hoped for there is nothing wrong with this because babies develop at their own rate so just let nature run its course and know that the hair is going to grow in just fine so those are my tips and information on why your babies here may be thinning or balding so try not to stress about it will grow just using silk sheets to help protect the baby’s head even alternate the sides the baby lay on and just let nature run its course as the baby starts to develop more I hope this video was helpful for you so make sure to leave any comments you may have down below also be sure to go on over to to check out more hair information and videos like

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