How To Control Natural Hair With Frizz, Shrinkage & Humidity!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter from and in this video I will be talking about how to manage dry nappy unmanageable black hair so there are a lot African-American women including myself who at one or another had issues with managing our hair and there's plenty of reasons why your hair may be unmanageable simply from the products that you use or even the way that you manipulate your hair there also a lot conscious things that you may be doing to your hair which leads to why it is unmanageable so in this video I will be addressing six reasons of why your hair is unmanageable and what you can do to have better hair so the number one reason why your hair may be extremely unmanageable is because it’s not the at down their desires to have a pH balance between 4.5 and 5.5 this ensures that the scales on the outside of your hair lay completely flat which leads to a more smoother and manageable hair warrior styles so make sure that your hair is between a range will help keep your hair in the best condition if your hair is too acidic or alkaline it will simply be extremely friendly and hard to manage and style in just wear so in order to figure out was the pH balance of your product so that their best for your hair you can use pH strips to test your various products oil does not have a pH balance but other types of materials do you just test everything that you use for your hair to make sure that it balances with your pH also in the description box I have a link to my website where actually help you will go into detail as to what you need to do to correctly assess the pH balance for your products so you can check that out on the website to help you with figuring out what’s the pH balance of your products or your hair the second reason why your hair may be unmanageable is because you have hard water simply put you have mineral buildup in your water and there is naturally occurring minerals that come through our water such as sulfur calcium and even some minerals in the water when they are washed one your hair is simply sit on top of your hair overtime and makes it very hard for different types of products of penetrate your hair especially moisturizing so sometimes you may put a lot of moisture or water and try to seal it in with water in oil in a sense doesn't work this is because you probably have mineral buildup on your hair so of course in the description box you go to website I get lots of products that will be helpful for releasing these minerals off your hair the third reason why your hair may be unmanageable is because you use too much sulfate shampoo now some people really like you sulfates for an extremely squeaky clean but is not necessary to have these sulfate in our shampoo for African-American hair and when you use too much of your sulfate shampoos leaves your hair extremely dry and unmanageable so make sure you go for your product to figure out what it is in session causing these issues and the main reason is because your shampoo contains sulfates my favorite shampoo that I like to use that by Dr. Bronners and I like to use the Dr. Bronners Castile Soap also on my website where I mentioned different things about unmanageable hair you can see the various other shampoos that I like to as well so the 4th reason why your hair probably is too snappy and unmanageable no matter what you do is because you don't have enough moisture in your hair or you don't have enough protein in your hair so in order to figure out where the un balance in your hair from moisture or protein first let's focus on which to so if your hair has a lack of moisture often feels extremely try hard and brittle it even during manipulation your hair just snapped off way too easily than what it's supposed to this is because you have a lack of moisture in your hair so what you want to do to restore moisture is simply keep putting water into your hair and your hair becomes more balanced and elastic so do some cowashes more frequently or spray your hair with water and seal it in with oil to give your hair more elasticity and moisture now if you don't have enough protein in your hair your hair will feel different as well sometimes it feels kind of gummy your sticky or limp and lifeless and also when you manipulate your hair sometimes it seems to stretch more than normal and snap so you just want to get a feel for how your hair feels if you notice during manipulation it just doesn't feel a strong you probably need more protein in your hair to make your hair more manageable so the 5th reason why your hair may be unmanageable is because you're in constant contact with moisture absorbent material so throughout the day just imagine what your hair touches from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed you have to think about your hair in all situations so when you like to wear your hair down does your hair constantly brushing the shoulders of your jacket or when you go to bed do you sleep on cotton pillows these are things that you want to avoid you want to make sure that there is a barrier of protection from your hair any elements that may try your hair out in make it extremely course and unmanageable the best suggestion that I can get is to use silk pillowcases for your pillows when you go to bed or simply tie a silk scarf to your head and also make sure to keep your hair off your shoulders every once in a while so they your hair doesn't become dry and extremely frizzy so my last reason as to why your hair may be unmanageable because it's time for a trim so just think about how often you trim your hair in half and think you need to more manipulation you do on your hair the more prone your hair is to breakage so you simply want to check the ends and run your fingers through on the wet and clean hair to see if there is a consistent it so happens you go down your hair he knows is extremely hard and brittle your ends are probably damaged you want cut them I like to try my ends about every six months give or take this helps me to make sure that my hair stays very healthy and that it doesn't have as much damage preventing hair growth so this is the main reason why a lot of and African American women have problems with unmanageable hair simply because they're trying to hold on to damage so cut your hair as needed to ensure they are healthy and then you can promote more hair growth so those are my 6 reasons why your hair may be unmanageable and these reasons that we can apply to different types of situations because there's a couple of ground things always to incorporate into your hair regimen such as making sure your hair is pH balanced your ends are trimmed and protecting your hair will in their different things like that as well you always incorporate with your I hope this video was extremely helpful and also be sure to check out for more articles and videos on these subjects

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