Loc Growth Spurt OR Loc Hair Growth Retention?

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter from in this video I will be talking about whether or not dreadlocks or locks grow faster or longer than any other hair type or style so generally speaking people want to know dry locks grow faster than growing your hair out its natural state or relaxed state I'll address that very day in this video and also just give you a little bit of background about locking your hair in general so when someone is locking their hair they're putting their hair through a process that does just that very thing over time someone was locking there hair what their hairs to become so interlocked that they turned into a loc so that when you actually wash your hair style your hair the style doesn’t get lose or the hair doesn't become untangled and then could take a long time for someone to lock their hair the amount of times in between how long it actually takes the loc depends from person-to-person and even hair type to hair type so people lock their hair have to go just as much patience and time to finally get their hair to where they wanted people like those who locks actually brother hair faster or longer than someone who doesn't have locs because you can see the difference between the lengths and sometimes you look at someone starting with locks and then a year now or a year later they seem to have really long hair so my take on the whole locking and deadlocking thing or however you want to call it my take one locking is that I feel in my opinion it appears to be that locked hair is growing faster than hair that is not locked so you may say okay your silly because when I'm looking a locks they look longer than someone trying to grow their hair and this is not working so there’s a couple of things you just have to really keep in mind about hair in general hair grows at a constant rate give or take a little bit off of the percentage so realistically speaking just because someone locks their hair doesn't mean that it makes their hair grow faster everyone has a constant hair growth rate so why does it seem to be that last hair is longer than someone else hair in my opinion this may not be all or apply the same as you are in my opinion if someone has been locking there here for five years and someone has been trying to grow their locked for five years the person who has black hair will have longer hair than the person is the reason why is because every bit of hair that on the person said that the locked is being contained within itself so any shed tears are built up into it you don't have to comb the bottom or the ends of locks so it stays preserved so it's easier to retain the length of the hair if you're just want everything together that someone may have natural hair or relaxed hair They constantly have to comb their strands the constantly have to split their hands as they deal with breakage so in a sense they're trying to chase after the length and they constantly have to combat issues that happens to the ends of their hair so in my opinion I do not think that will lock their hair actually have faster hair growth I just think that they're able to reach longer lengths because they're keeping all of their hair together it’s not necessary to trim the damaged ends because it's all a lock but if you are not locking your hair you have to constantly combat issues with the ends of your hair so you weigh in on this very topic in the description box below to tell me what you think you think people who lock their actually grow hair faster than everyone else or do you think it's actually easier for them to retain length so go and go down to the comment box to let me know what you think also be sure to go on over to to check out more hair information and videos like these

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