The REASON Why Your Relaxed Hair Is Thinning On Your Edges & Ends!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter and this video is going to be targeted towards chemically relaxed African-American hair so you're watching is you really want to know why is it that your relaxed hair thinning at one point in time your hair was really thick and then as you relaxed your hair just appears to be a lot more thinner than what will so in this video I will be addressing the 4 key ground things that you really want to keep in mind as you relax your hair or even if you are thinking about relaxing your hair and then along the way I will be giving you hair tips as well to help your current your condition so the first and most important reason as to why your chemically relaxed hair is thinning is because you simply over processed your hair if you process your hair until it's perfectly pin straight this leads to a lot of breakage and it makes your hair look extremely thin this is extremely unsafe for your hair because it's very vulnerable and hard to retain length when you relax your hair usually relax about 80% of your texture which means give or take you have about 20% of your texture is still in your hair so relax and treatment is shown look pin straight or bone straight is to have a slight texture or a slight wave of curl to it to ensure that your hair is manageable enough for you to style the point of a relaxer is not to have pin straight hair with so many women relax their hair pin straight in the hair is usually hardest to stay controlled conditioned and healthy because it's so processed so make sure you have at least a little bit of texture or curl or something to your hair after a treatment because then when you do this you are not over processing in your hair will not look as thin the second reason as to why your hair may be thinning when you relax your hair or if you relax your hair is because you do not follow up with a protein treatment and for a moisturizing treatment the point of the relaxers is to disrupt the protein bonds that make up your hair if you are disrupting what your hair is made of your disrupting the very nature and existence of your hair so you're making your hair fragile by relaxing your hair I'm not saying that you cannot have healthy relaxed hair I'm saying that by relaxing your hair you are in some way inflicting damage to get a desired look so when you do relax your hair please follow up with a protein treatment and a moisturizing treatment as well because sometimes when you do a protein treatment your hair may feel to stiff and not elastic enough and that's why you follow up with a deep conditioning treatment as well so in the description box below this video I recommend some things that you can use for your hair for protein and moisture if you relax your hair my last and final reason as to why your relaxed hair may seem to be thinninh or is thinning is because you have to trim your ends so depending on your perms as time has went on maybe you have over processed your hair little bit too much in the beginning of your journey and then you started to do less processing on your hair you will notice that your ends will look thinner you will notice that over time so you have to trimm off those damaged or broken or very ratty ends this will ensure that your hair looks consistent from the root to the tip if you process your hair the same way and also encouraged hair growth by cutting off the damage your stopping damage from constantly creeping up your hair shaft so please don't be afraid of getting shorter hair losing length you want to get shorter hair and lose length if you never trim your ends its very important for you to cut those damaged ends so that your hair cannot look so thin you know actually look a lot fuller be a lot more healthy and you will be able to grow your hair at longer lengths so that is it on my tips if your chemically relaxed hair thinning make sure to keep those things in mind to help your hair be it's best in videos helpful to you make sure to leave some comments down below also be sure to go on over to for more information and videos like these

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