Swimming With Natural Black Hair

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter from and in this video I will be talking about how to go swimming with African-American hair so yes ladies it is possible to swim with your hair I'm going to give you some tips and some things you want to follow along with so you have a great time as you go swimming because of our hair plenty of time refused to step in the pool because we don't want to deal with a detangling session you want to go to getting any are here simply don't want to lose to style we already so talk about how you can your hair and get ready to go swimming so that is a good experience in the net in of the day your hair is still well my first to go swimming with your American hair is to with your hair before you go swimming the reason why you want to let your hair before you go swimming is because the pool is loaded with chlorine the chlorine will be eaten away at your hair and make your hair really dry so if you make sure to just quickly rinse your hair by the shower stand in the area or before you leave on just the color your hair with water your hair will already be swelled with regular water before it swells with chlorine water so if you go swimming without a cap could simply just when you're here go swimming in the you get out it's not so with chlorine water because it has regular water already absorbed into your hair my second tip for going swimming is to wear a swimming cap If you refuse to wear your cap on your hair to go swimming you still want to rinse your hair with water To keep chlorine water from being damaging one your hair so whatever type of swimming cap That will stop water from getting in is perfect I have a link in my description box to my website that gives loads of suggestions of different types of You can wear for your hair to make your swimming experience a fun one so you go swimming is time to shampoo and condition your hair now the shampoo pert goes into play if you wet your hair in you go swimming without a swimming So really you only need to shampoo your hair if you know chlorine water has been on your hair but you can skip this part and just do a conditional wash on your hair if the chlorine water has not touched her so after you get off the pool just go through your normal routine as if it's a washday take your twist of your breakdown and then which want to do is shampoo your hair this will release any possible traces of chlorine on your strands and then follow up with a deep conditioning session to keep your hair healthy so swimming will not disrupt the quality of your hair you are just preparing your hair to have good time at the pool so to summarize how to go swimming with your African-American hair first you want to make sure that you fully saturate your hair with regular water this will prevent the chlorine from being damaging on your hair because your hair is already swelled water no more water will be able to integrate your hair shaft and if you decide to wear a swim cap You can put your swim cap on top of your wet hair and go swimming in the water penetrates your hair when you get out you want rinse the chlorine water or just rinse your hair with it immediately after you get up and then you want to follow your hair with a shampoo session and a deep conditioning session this will keep your hair healthy in the state that it was before you go swimming so I hope this was really helpful for you please don't be afraid to go swimming with your hair there’s always ways around anything that you're trying to so keep these tips in mind and be sure to jot down some comments if this video will help also going over to to check out more hair information and videos like these

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