Best Products For Natural Hair!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter from in this video I'm going to be sharing with you some information about how to choose the best haircare products for your African American hair so whether your hair is chemically relaxed for you have natural hair this video will help you and guide you along as you trying to figure out was the best ingredients or products to use for your hair I will help you by providing two must-have tips to follow along with as you are choosing ingredients to use for your hair and scalp so the first tip that you must follow along with as you choosing products for your hair is to find products that have ingredients in them that mimic the makeup of your scalp and hair so what I mean by that is that ingredients contained in your haircare products should be ingredients that are naturally occurring in your scalp in your hair your hair is made up mostly made up of two things water in protein so when you are using ingredients for your hair the remaining should be in your eyes assembly-line protein by adding water protein onto your hair this is only want to help your hair thrive even so another thing that you want to look out for when you're trying to find ingredients for your hair is find ingredients that contain the same things that your scalp is made of so of course our scalp is skin but we have to oils that secrete from our scalp called sebum and there's naturally occurring materials that you can use to mimic natural oil from your such as coconut oil and jojoba oil below the description box provide a link for you to help you choose the best products by offering many haircare products and materials for your hair so just keep in mind that when you're looking for things is targeted for your hair you want to be made mostly of things that occur naturally in your hair and scalp so on top of making sure you have oils in your materials for your scalp you also want to look for other things such as water cholesterol and even fatty acids and wax esters as well all of these things are great for hair growth because it contains the same materials your hair and scalp is made of so that you must follow along with as you are choosing the best products for your hair is to find products that contain natural ingredients the more natural products used for your hair the better your hair will become so even think about the type of foods that you eat you notice that the more processed foods you eat that contains even more chemicals starts to decline in your health and it shows through gaining a couple of pounds and extreme situations developing certain sicknesses and illnesses it’s always best that you eat foods that are natural and healthy so the same thing would apply to using natural ingredients for your hair I provide a list of different natural ingredients and also natural product lines that you can use for your hair in the link provided in the description so when you read the labels was the first ingredient should be water but also look out for other things such as olive oil coconut oil glycerin cholesterol protein and the list just goes so there you have it so there you have it two of my best tips to follow along with as you are choosing products for your African-American remembered the same products that you use for your hair might not be the same products that someone else may need for their hair is so be sure to follow along with these tips and incorporated into your decision as you are choosing hair products your hair thank you so much for watching this video and make sure to check out how to like for more hair information in video is like these

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