Products For Hair Growth For Black Hair

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter from in this video I will be talking about what is the best hair products to use for African-American hair growth so in order to figure out was the best part is for your hair you need to address your hair needs by nature American hair tends to be more on the dry side so you want to look for ingredients that are very moisturizing to actually help keep your hair length retained and to promote hair growth so in this video I will address 3 main pointers on what you want to look for when choosing the best products for your hair so the first point that I want to make when choosing hair products for your hair is to look for ingredients in the products that mimics the makeup of your scalp simply means you want to look for things that already mimic what your scalp produces for your hair so her scalp already produces a natural hair oil called but since African-American hair doesn't produce as much sebum it's always great to use some type of oil that mimics that and the oil that's closest to the sebum of your hair is coconut oil and jojoba oil so this is something that you definitely want to keep and eye for to make sure that is inside of your hair also you want to look for other things such as fatty acids cholesterol and even some glycerides since this is the makeup of your scalp as well in the description box on more debt into details as far as the specific things that you really want to check out for with your scalp to make sure to just keep this guy in mind as you are looking for ingredients that are targeted to promote a very clean and healthy scalp as well so the 2nd point that I want to make about choosing the best hair products your hair is to look for ingredients that mimics what your hair is made of so it's hard to go wrong in be at fault when you look for ingredients that already mimic what your hair is because that's mainly what your hair needs are so our hair is made up of mostly protein and then water so what you want to do is look for products that have protein and water in them it's always best African-American hair that you find products with the main ingredient being water since black hair tends to be more on the dry side this is something that is definitely going to help your hair and have even a little bit of protein in your hair to keep your hair very strong and healthy so my last tip, tip number three is what you want to look out for in your hair products is to make sure that it contains the natural ingredients natural ingredients is already great for your body so in return it's going to be the same for your hair you notice the more you eat preserved foods or things that are contained with a lot of chemicals more sick or tired sluggish you feel and even the easier it is to gain weight when you eat processed foods it to makes your body feel bad so when you put a lot of synthetic ingredients on your hair sometimes your hair doesn't do what it needs to do it isn't as healthy as it can be so make sure that the products you use contain natural ingredients if you check out the description box with the link below to the website I listed below the loads of things that I like to use for my hair that contain natural ingredients so be sure to check that out so that you can choose the best hair products for your hair so those are three of my best pointers that I have for you when choosing your best ingredients for your hair care products be sure to keep these things in mind because you want to be doing the best for your hair by using natural ingredients in ingredients that mimic what your hair and scalp is make all this video was helpful and also be sure to go ahead and check out for more how to hair information and even hair videos like these

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