Do Prenatal Vitamins Make Your Hair Grow?

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter from and in this video I'm going to be talking about a very hot controversial topic that is ongoing in the hair community and the question is does prenatal pills help promote and encourage hair growth so throughout this video I will first of all you the facts about what prenatal pills do for your hair and then I'll give my opinion as to whether or not it actually grows your hair so a prenatal pill is basically a multivitamin designed for pregnant women when they take this prenatal pill this is helping encourage the babies growth and also supply nutrients and minerals to the mom so when they take prenatal pills it's just a vitamin giving them what they need and also giving them more iron and different things that will help the baby in the developmental process so instead thinking of it as the hair growth pill or a nail growth pill its just simply a multivitamin that's giving a woman who is bearing a child the nutrients that she needs so on saw on my stance about whether or not prenatal pills actually encourage hair growth or make your hair grow maybe will differ from yours because there are some people who teeter totter on entire on either side of the fence and say yes taking prenatal pills will help you grow your hair better than what you can do yourself and then some people will say no its just of vitamin and its just giving extra nutrients to the rest of your boy and I seem to agree with the latter I believe that its simply just a vitamin that is going to deliver more nutrients and minerals to your extremities so if you already have a healthy lifestyle you eat healthy you are helping your hair in return will be able to have more vitamins more nutrients more water more of the things that it needs the more healthy like to eat you’re the better it is for your nails hair and skin to be more vibrant and healthy so in my opinion by taking a prenatal pill this is giving your body more vitamins to work with once your main organs have received all that it needs the rest are simply move onto your outer appearance like your skin hair and nails so on one side you can say okay so since there's extra vitamins and minerals this makes your hair grow I think it makes your hair grow and you nothing makes your hair grow and I hope you're not whoa I hope you don't click on the video because hair growth is nothing you can control it’s your body's responsibility in your body's response to whatever is going on to push out cells from your scalp which look like hair in which hair so there is no magic being that's going to make grow your hair your hair is growing without any help whatsoever so by taking prenatal pills or by simply taking a multivitamin you're able to give more nutrients to your hair because you're giving more nutrients to your body so I think prenatal pills help promote hair growth yes and no your hair if growing to growth your scalp regardless of what you do hair going to continue to grow by taking vitamins this may in some way help promote hair grow by delivering more nutrients to your scalp so of course the topic will go on and on about whether or not prenatal pills are helpful for hair and I don't think it's going to make your hair grow a small way it probably can help further your hair growth I hope a this video is helpful please leave down below any comments you may have about this very topic down below and also be sure to check out for more hair information and videos like these

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