Why Your Natural Hair Color Is FADING!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter from and in this video I will be talking about why your natural hair is naturally changing colors so I will help address those and 4 reasons as to why its happening and even these tips can also apply to those who color their hair as well so my first reason as to why your hair is changing colors in this a prominent reason as to what to fix your hair whether you color your hair with your natural hair color is that you want free your hair from minerals if you use hard water so use that place that has hard water you will see traces of things like some metals calcium and even sulfur in your water and when you run this water on your hair the minerals in the water to sit on top of your hair shaft the molecules are too big to be of your hair so they are not helpful at all and it makes it harder for moisture to penetrate your hair at its best it's so sometimes you may color your hair and notice that you color is getting brassy or your color just looks really dull and even washing your hair with hard water leads to unmanageable so what you want to do is make sure you use filtered water to wash her hair you can do this by even using a filtered showerhead to wash your hair with a shower head on your shower or you can use one that plugs onto your sink or simply just buy a gallon of filtered water and wash your hair with that in the description box I have a link to my website that gives a lot of my recommendations is what you should use to help filter your water if that's what you need to do so the second tip that will help you understand why your hair is changing colors is that the ends of your hair all color best in you colored your hair so it's hard to make sense of this and say okay I don't color my hair with the ends of my hair look a little bit lighter in it for those of you do color your hair you know is that the color seems to stay on the in the reason why is because the ends of your hair is most porous so if you are coloring your hair you will notice that the ends always take best to color before it does at the root the reason why is because as your hair gets older and go down nearly the ends are missing some of the scales this is just a natural wear and tear on your hair over time the scales on the outside of the hair will either break off or not be as healthy as possible because its the oldest part of your hair so when you're coloring your hair is very easy to deposit color into it because you don't have the scales on the outside of the hair trapping moisture out from getting inside also if you don't color your hair naturally it will lose color because it loses the pigment as the hair gets older that's why as you get older in age you will notice that your hair will look white or black or even shades of gray because is starting to lose that pigment color that you always so that's why the ends of your hair will naturally look a different color because is the oldest part of your hair and if you color your hair the ends hold color best rather than the roots of your hair the third reason as to why it may seem as if your hair is changing colors is because it's just pure genetics sometimes there's things with my hair that I don't notice I think it was maybe last week or two weeks ago I noticed my first gray hair and you don't really notice your hair as much a really see everything in detail sometimes you may not realize that you have a couple of strands of red hair or even brown hair so what you want to do is just check your hair out because you have probably always had these different shades of colors when you were a kid it's hard to find someone who has all of their hair the true shade of jet black but you will see different kinds shades of color because our hair will give a natural highlight and lowlight so really don't worry about it this is why because it's just purely genetics so my last reason as to why your hair may be naturally changing colors is because your hair has went through sun damage so of course you have to battle against manipulation damage and product damage and then on top of it all even sun damage with your hair sun lets on UV rays that can be very harming to your skin as well as to your hair that’s why it’s very important that if you are going to be out on sunny days that you were some type of sunscreen and the same thing applies to your hair your hair is a part of you so if your skin can't take UV rays beating down on a hot sunny day then your hair is going to suffer as well you want to use some type of serum that will help protect almost like a sunscreen for your hair in my description box I have a link to my website were actually talking about different products you can use and I give a lot of different recommendations of what to do for your hair stop sun damage from happening so those are 4 my tips that I gave to help you to understand whether or not your hair is really changing colors if anything is affecting your hair and this can even apply to those who color their hair as well so if this was helpful for you make sure to read some comments down below also be sure to go on over to for more hair information and articles and videos like

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