Why Is African American Hair So Dry?

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter from and in this video I want to share with you six reasons why your hair may feel or look dry so this topic is definitely targeted towards African-American hair and in six tips or reasons why I will explain to you why your hair either looks dry feels dry or is just dry all the way so the first reason why your hair probably is dry or looks dry or both is because you do not have enough moisture in your hair moisture comes from water that is how you moisturize your hair now to keep your hair moisturized you have to use some type of oil to keep the water inside of your hair by not putting an oil over you already wet hair the moisture would just evaporate right your strands in this is probably why your hair is dry simply because you don't moisturize your hair not or you are not locking in this water with some type of hair oil or butter so the second reason why your hair may look or feel dry is because your hair is in constant contact with moisture absorbent materials now you need a absorbent material to get the extra water off your hair like a hair tower or something like to use an old T-shirt but you want to make sure that you stay out of constant contact with these materials because it will continually strip your hair from moisture so just think about all the things that your hair goes to the day you wake up to them and you go to bed your hair is rubbing and creating friction a lot of different materials so if your hair is long and you like to wear it down wear it up sometimes because your clothes will actually start the strip moisture from your hair also when you sleep instead of sleeping your cotton pillows sleep or something so silk like a silk pillowcase or wear a silk scarf on your head so two of the main materials that wick moisture away from your hair would be cotton and wool so just protect your hair in all situations to keep them moisturized to stop it from looking and feeling dry so the third reason why your hair may look or feel dry is because you have overuse of sulfate shampoos now using sulfate in shampoos such a big pain in the hair world because it's something you should stay very far away from this is true you want to make sure that you're not constantly using a shampoo that has sulfate a sulfates in it a sulfate is simply a very strong cleansing agent that cleans hair or pretty much anything he comes in contact and because this is such a strong chemical to use for your hair often leads your hair to dry and brittle and just really prone to breakage so if you do happen to regularly use a sulfate shampoo I suggest that you swap it out for something a little bit more freely for your hair so in the description box I have a link that takes you to my site where I recommend some products of shampoos to use for your hair reason number four of why he may be experiencing dry hair is because you have mineral buildup in your water so I stay in a place where I have hard water in that is why I have to use a very good cleansing shampoo to release these minerals from my minerals that care in your water are common things such as calcium sulfer and even some metals so you want to make sure that if you stay in a place that is hard water you had a really good cleansing shampoo to clean those materials away from your strands because over time it will simply sit on top of your hair weigh your hair down and make it harder moisture to come in contact and penetrate your strands so no matter how much co washed you do or how many times you spray your hair with water if you have mineral buildup on your hair is going to be nearly impossible to stop your hair from looking and feeling dry tip number five of why you may be experiencing dry here is simply because you are due for dusting your hands getting a trim or simply getting a haircut the longer you run away from trimming your hair when you're in a damaged do more damage will afflict upon your strength it's extremely hard to grow long hair if it continues to break from the bottom because as breakage happened will continue to work all the way up until your hair is completely broken so if you have split ends or extremely rough ends you have to make sure that you keep them cut because usually you may not really have dry hair but it looks dry your hair is so damaged that is not taking in moisture well so whenever you feel that your is are really a consistent from the roots it is time to start dusting in or cutting those damaged in from your hair sometimes so my last and final reason why your hair may look dry or feel dry is simply because of the way your hair is made so I wanted to say this to for last because it's purely genetics this is one of the reasons the main reason why a lot of American women have troubles with their hair either looking dry when it doesn't even necessarily feel dry naturally are hair is more curly and coily than many other hair types so light doesn't reflect of a smooth surface as well that so many bends and kinks so if you were to flash a flashlight on afro textured hair versus straight hair will look as if the straight hairs are more shiny simply because it has more of a flat surface to light off so just keep that in mind that since you have more curls and kinks along the way your hair will actually reflect light as well which is why it may look dry so it's not dry if you know your hair and you know it feels moisturized and you follow a regimen that works for you is simply that African-American hair by nature has more sheen which is a low luster or low shine then it does shine for other hair types so really if you've tried everything from changing your shampoo to conditioning your hair or even trimming your ends the main reason why your hair probably looks dry this is simply because it doesn't reflect light and thought to help you to understand why your African-American hair may look dry for you and also be sure to check out for more hair tips and video discussions like these

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