The BEST CAMERAS To Use For Beauty Videos On YouTube!

Breanna Rutter



Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of the book the natural hair Bible and founder of for this special vlog I will be answering the questions that you all send me via email so you have any additional questions that you will really love for me to answer be sure to check out the description box for more information but we're gonna get right on to the question that was sent to me and the question is from a lady named Tanisha, Tanisha sent me an email and she said hi Breanna I love your videos I love the quality of your videos and I want to make really professional videos to so what kind of camera do you use and this is a very frequently asked question because a lot of using my meals and you want to know what kind of camera I use if I see someone else videos and I really liked the quality the used I would wonder what kind of camera they use also the type of camera that I use is called a Canon rebel T2i and a type of camera that I have is a DSLR camera that is very good for you ladies on here or gentlemen who like to shoot YouTube videos to give a very good pictures and a very high quality look to your own content so that so the camera that I used in this what I use to shoot all of my videos when I first started showing YouTube videos I used to use a simple HD camera so if you have very humble beginnings just like I had that's probably where you want to do that you notice one of your quality you want to get better with your videos I highly suggest using a DSLR camera the camera I specifically used in the Canon t2i and throughout this video I will talk about different products that help you are provides links in description box so you can see the links to exactly what I use so another part one of the way I want to ask this question also is I want to suggest you a camera that I don't have but I would really like to have this is called the Canon T4i miss camera had the same kind of functions just about the same way you can use it the only difference is that I really like in the camera is that it has a swivel monitor if you vlog on your own or your the only one operating your camera you want a camera that you can be able to see the image you are capturing so the fact that I had a swivel monitor you can take the monitor turn it out of the camera and turn it toward you so you can see what the camera sees also a great quality to the T4i is that it has an autofocus lens is an autofocus lens capabilities so when you are shooting your videos you dont have to worry about being out of focus now sometimes depending on what kind of lens you have and may have a little creaking sound to it and you're going to be able to catch on to that and realize is you learn more about your camera the different types of things you like and don't like to incorporate with it but that's a really important thing that I love having my camera looking into getting it right now very comfortable with my T2i to live but when I do upgrade that's the next camera that really looking to upgrade with so my third part I want to answer this question with because it's just as important as the type of camera used is the type of lens you use so right now the type of lesson I'm using is a 15 mm lens that has a 1.8 f-stop I know it sounds crazy all this terminology but trust me as you get used to understanding your camera and you start to research and figure out what you really want all these things will make sense to you so once again I'll provide a link so that you can see the type of lens I use and also the type of camera I use and you can decide whether or not that's something that you want to use for your videos but the 50 millimeter lens gives you that infamois blur effect that everyone loves to use for the camera not just because you go out and buy this lens doesn't mean that you will capture that blurry effect you have to play around with your lens and your camera to get the look you want maybe a room isnt wide enough for you really Look or Maybe Only Are Working with a Smaller Space so You Have To Be Creative to Figure out How to Really Capture that Look That You Are Looking for so Tanisha I Hope That This Answer Your Question I Know I Loaded It Way More Than What Type of Camera I Use Because I Really Want to Help You to Understand That Even Though you need a good Camera its so important Also Have a Good Lens Just As Well As the Other Stuff like for Types of Things or Backgrounds or Interesting Things That You Can Do to Help Your Image of Your Content and Help Your Brand Look A Lot Better so That's It on the Camera and I Hope to that was helpful to you You As Well As All the Raw Watching and Remember If You Have Some Questions Go to My Description Box below and Figure out How You Can Email Them to Me and I'll Catch You All My Next vlog

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