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Breanna Rutter


Hey this is Bre from BlackWomenHair and also from and today I'm going to show you something a little bit special and a little bit different I haven’t done a lot of hair natural hair videos in a long time I have a few up like my cowash routine but today I noticed that my hair needed a huge change and as you can see I have these little bitty twists up in the front and then the rest of my hair is just all over the place and I am going to explain why in just a minute so I was co washing my hair today and I cowash about every three or four days for three days and is this is a little too frequent like most natural girls will cowash their hair maybe twice a week at the least or maybe three times a week I’m co washing like every other day or every two days of something Im like something has to give because something isn’t working because and my hair feels funny in most of the time I have my hair in protective styles you know I don’t put any heat on my hair I don’t chemically relax my hair I don't dye my hair so I'm not technically damaging my hair but I have been neglecting the ends of my hair the ends of my hair are little bit crunchy and don't feel right so what did was I took a few pieces in the front of my head here and I took it and put it into a twist and then I felt along the twists and pieces of hair to see if I any different still felt weird so I snipped the ends that felt a little bit funny which is of course my damaged ends and then I finally ran my fingers through it does so nice it felt so strong it feel like this course is so super course and I know a lot of people who may not know about natural hair have this big misconception your hair is course part of my is actually really soft when I trimmed it and then I checked again by taking a twist down in the front and ran my fingers through from the parts that I didn’t cut and it felt like a huge difference and another reason why it was definitely time for a trim is because my hair had actually reached collar bone length and then all of a sudden it felt like it was getting shorter and no when I would test my hair for length it began to gradually come up, and it's probably maybe like 3 inches from my collar bone now it’s not even reaching my shoulder and one side this side also is not reaching it in I definitely tell the difference like to use my fingers to it feels so rough and then I have this tail right here in the back of my head and it reaches down pretty far to my collar this is the only part of my hair hat reaches down to my collar bone and this is super damaged I haven’t trimmed my hair for probably a year or a year and a half and I have been natural for a year and 11 months so next month starting September is going to make my two year anniversary and hair is not going to look like it because today I officially doing my big chop so you can say this is my big chop because I have never done a big chop because I hardly ever trimmed my hair so in this video I am going to be trimming off and snipping off all of these damaged ends and then I am going to show you how its looking okay so now to get ready to come in here make sure all the essential things that I need I have a comb right here to section and detangle through my hair so that I have all the hairs gathered that I want before I began to cut a specific piece and then also have some hair cutting scissors and you want to make sure these are specific scissors are what you are only going to use to specifically cut your hair you don’t want to use safety scissors or household scissors because they are really dull and they are meant for cutting paper this is going to ensure that you have a clean sharp cut when cutting your hair so that we make sure you have some your hair and that is only used for your and also have a spray bottle here inside the spray bottle is a little bit conditioner a little bit of coconut oil in this concoction always feels so good on my hair and I’m always going through and developing new ways of moisturizing my hair and I found it this is working best so far and I also have a handy-dandy mirror to see where and when to be cut my hair and things like that oh and if you want to see my husband's then I had this barbers cape I bought off eBay for a few bucks you can just get that it from the hair store but I just went ahead and bought it off eBay and it has an opening right there for me to put around my neck and I am going to drape this around me while i am cutting my hair is and then I have a dry towel just in case water drips down and it becomes irritating or whatever so I just have this here for that and now I am going to get started have a okay everybody so I am going to show you how to trim the ends of your hair on I am going to be starting on the left side of my head and I'm going to show you want to be doing I know my ends need a trim because they are definitely rough and tired and ready so what I am going to do is I am going to take my small tooth comb and I am going to use the rat tail end and then I am going to part a small square right beside my head like that that now you can these parts bigger if you want which will help speed up time to get the results what I believe little mini twist everywhere so that will take down look like a little spiral curls so that I want to do is take a small part right here and the use my comb and keep the hair out of the way but first I want to comb through here so know I am going to take my comb push the hair back in that the way did you take my spray bottle with all my oils and conditioner and give it a good shake to make sure everything should and then I want to completely saturate this area you want your just make sure its saturated so now I am just going to take the water spray my hair and put these two strands was somewhat divided in half for two pieces of hair there make sure I gather all the hair up together and you just twist it now I am making sure to twist it firmly against my scalp but not too tight so does the same thing and continue twisting all the way to the bottom and when I can't go anymore just take my fingertips and just roll together so this is how my hair look your two strand twist are not supposed to look like that these ends are dry even though they are saturated with it water feels very dry so when you do this your hair and your ends still feel dry that means that there is damage so what I need to do is trim when I start from the root of my hair and I put my fingers all the way through it feels so rough at the bottom but it feels so soft at my roots so I am just make sure this is twisted as tightly as it is I can without it hurting and then I let it go and see how my is, so where the curl is strongest at is right in this area where you see to release it and it bounces but the ends are just really dry and kind of blah so what I am going to do is take my hair cutting scissors and am going to trim these dead ends now you can take a mirror and look at it makes you cutting in the correct spot but you more so want to go by feel because you can actually feel the damaged hair so I am just going to retwist this again and run my fingers all the way down feeling where my dead ends are and it starts right there so I am going to take my scissors and then in mind you when I first natural I never did the big chop I have never trimmed my hair maybe did once like in a few random spots where I had a single strand knots and stuff like that but I never actually trimmed my hair has been over the years over about almost 2 years because I'll be to use natural and my hair feels so dry at the ends but I should have been did a trim but I was always for the protective styles I would wear braids I would wear a twist out and then put a wig on top because I was concealing my ends but my ends needed to be trimmed so that they could help preserve the length that I have been and I wasn’t doing that so don't be afraid to lose a little bit of length that you have for the sake of having healthy hair because of your whole entire head is damaged but you have hair down to your back its going to continually get shorter over time and it’s not going to be healthy and its going to stay damaged so you have to make sure to cut off those damaged ends because a bad apple ruins the bunch so now to check over my twist on the take it back and repeat the same process over again and twist it up to see how to sometimes can take this was and it feels so totally different is so soft and so it feels entirely healthy so I’m just going to take it down and take my spray bottle and I will spray a little bit water into it to make sure to re-saturate it then I am going to run the water down to the ends I am going to separate it into two and retwist it making sure that all of the hairs retwist that all the way to the ends when I can't go any longer I just use my fingertips and I roll retwist to the very bottom and now the end of my twists should curl up really nice is such a big difference I can just feel the whole entire thing snap back and curl so it feels a little bit weird at the very tip of it so I’m just going to take my scissors and the grab the ends and I’m gong to snip it and here you go everybody that's how you can trim your hair this is how I’m trimming my hair I’m going by feel and my texture because it should feel consistent all the way down and now does so now to come twist then and like a little mini bantu knot and twist it into a little circle to and then to continue doing this all around my head and then show you how it looks okay everybody I just officially did the big chop after almost 2 years and I must say that I really like my hair I think my hair is super cute its short I got my own little TWA going on so I'm really excited about that and all it I’m going to do is just continually seek growth with it there’s no specific length that I want it to be but I do want it to just b nice and full and healthy so I love the way my hair is feeling I can keep my hands out of it I just keep touching it and grabbing it and twisting it and it feels totally different after my trim that i had done I really needed it because my ends were so horrible as I have already told you and it just wasn't working on nothing I did not a twist out or braid out anything like just see my natural state I just didn't like it I thought is this how it’s supposed to feel this house postlude and is not the case so of course as you go in as you learn to figure out your hair likes doesn't like and what your hair needs at the moment so I guess it took me two years to realize I needed to do the big chop so I did that and I'm so excited about it I don't regret it only lost maybe four or 5 inches so I don’t see it as a loss I see it as a gain because my hair is going to be so much more to the ends is excited so stay with me on his journey because of a lot of tutorials on my TWA of my short hair and a lot of for things and showing state to make sure it's got from a oh so now we can say that today marks the first official day of me going completely natural and so excited so all of you will be able to go with me on my hair journey and see my hair growth and also begin to show you one way products the different techniques and things like that so make sure you stay tune with me and I'll see you on my next video

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