My Best Products For 4C Natural Hair

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter from and this vlog I want to share with you all my personal best products that I use for my natural hair now the products that you use for your hair will be differ from mine even from the next person in this is fine because you want to use products that best work with your hair and with your own hair regimens that you already have so I will walk through the steps as to when I'm getting ready for a condition wash to shampoo all the way up to a style and show you and explain to you to different products that I like to use for my hair so the first thing that I like to use in my hair regimen is a prepoo product I never liked using this term because I dont like the way it sounds prepoo it really is a pretty shampoo treatment or just a pre-shampoo so it's like a wash for your actual wash in a sense of where you are lubricating your hair and getting your hair ready to be shampooed so the product that I like to use to prepare my hair for a shampoo session is vo5 conditioner use this conditioner ever since I've been natural and there are some people who don't like it as well and some people who do and it seems to me that probably because is cheap is not favored by some people but nothing is wrong with the product it works great and it works fine with my hair and with many others as well so for the favorite that I like to use in the actual vo5 line I will be the link down in description box for you to check the blog out to see the specific kind I like to use so now that I preconditioned my hair I now move on to my shampoo session and the type of shampoo that I like to use is called organic olive oil aloe cream shampoo this hole is really good for my hair and I think a couple other people like to use this as well so once again you just want to use a product that best helps you with keeping your hair clean and conditioned and moisturizer for your hair journey so after my hair is preconditioned I use the organic olive oil shampoo to wash my so there I wash my hair next I used the product that serves as my deep conditioning treatment and the type of product that I like to use is called Hollywood beauty deep conditioning cholesterol hair cream so really you can kind of put A little bit of this cream on your hair and leave it on for moisture will what I like to do is actually use it to deep condition my hair and as I leave this product on top but this time of my hair I like to do a steam session for about 20 minutes to really penetrate my hair and give it a lot of moisture so I after I have done my prepoo my shampoo wash and my deep conditioning treatment with my hair steamer I then sometimes incorporate a little bit of protein into my hair now I hardly ever have to protein in my your first of all because I have a diet that is very high in protein so my hair always feels really strong it just sometimes the more moisture but if ever it feels like I need more protein in my hair I use a braids braids and proteins will a lot of you may be thinking braids spray but it's all that I need to corporate protein back into my hair if my hair doesn't feel a strong and the best product I like to use as little bit protein into my hair is called Africa's best braids spray with conditioner this product is perfect I like to mist my hair would sometimes and are probably less than about every 2 to 3 days with this product it is great for when I have braids when my hair is concealed or just add a little bit more strength to my hair so now that I finished conditioning washing and treating my hair I didn't want to seal the water in my hair right after a wash this seems to be the best time for me to really seal in moisture to keep my hair supple and elastic and the type of oil that I like to use to hold moisture or water into my hair is to use olive oil or coconut oil now sometimes it just depends on which oil I like to use really my decision will be what oil is closer for me to reach and then I will put it on my hair and then sometimes when I use olive oil it feels extremely too slippery to the point where it just feels a little bit slimy which I don't like hair so really it depends on if I need an extra slip on my strands because most of the time I do prefer coconut oil but I like to put olive oil on my hair as well so the last thing I like to do to help promote natural hair growth with my hair after I follow all the steps is to do a protective style a protective style simply install the required is little to no manipulation once you set your hair so if you constantly flat iron your hair all the time that's not doing a protective style or if you're constantly doing twists in your hair every single day that is not really protect you want to style they can hold of so basically your next wash for most of the time that doesn't happen so you have at least two or three different styles that you put before you watch and is perfectly fine you just want to make sure that once you set and prepped and fix your hair it's there for a while in my favor protective style that I like to do after I found out my regimens best is to put my hair into bantu knots and let them dry or simply twist my hair into two strands and let them dry once they dry I will release my hair and wear my hair as is or I like to braid my hair and sew extensions on top the purpose of the protective style is to protect your ends and your hair so that you can actually grow longer hair the less manipulation you put your strands the more your hair will start to grow so thats my best products that I use for my natural hair iand feel free to share with me your best products or practices that you use for your hair growth also be sure to go to articles and information like this in this video

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