My Hair Is Thinning In Top What Can I Do?

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter from and I in this video I will be talking about are the thinning hair causes with African American hair so by nature African-American here already looks a lot thicker and appears to be a lot stronger than other hair types because your hair appears that way but that doesn’t mean that you are exempt from your hair thinning so in this video I will address a couple of things as to why your hair maybe thinning or by nature you have very thin hair so my first reason as to why you may have thin hair is because you have low estrogen levels when your hormones are really balanced your hair sometimes suffers because of this other extremities as well such as skin in your nails so if you don't produce enough estrogen its hard to have strong healthy hair the best way to figure out if your hormones are balance appropriate to where they should be I will suggest that you visit your doctor so that your doctor can explain to you how much estrogen you have and the different things that you can help do to balance your body so if you always have thin hair this could be a reason why you just naturally produce less estrogen and also if you begin to start to see thin hair over time this can be the same exact reason as well so my second tip that I want to mention about thinning hair is whether and you have enough moisture in your hair or enough protein in your hair so for this actually happened for your hair to begin thinning you have to have a moisture deficiency over a long period of time or a protein deficiency over a long period of time with your hair so what does it mean if you don't have enough moisture or protein in your hair you really have to go by feel to understand and know what your hair is lacking or what it has too much of so in order to figure out if you have enough moisture in your hair what you want to do this technique on wet clean hair in the description box I have a link to my website where I go into detail about how to test you hair too see if you need more protein or you don't have enough moisture in your hair and this is one of the biggest reasons why your hair may look thin is because over time if your hair will get thinner overtime and look drastically thinner so you to make sure to keep in mind that your hair has to be healthy so to tie up this video I just wanted to mention a couple of reasons as to why you may be experiencing thinning hair and if your hair is beginning to thin there is probably something going on in your body that making your hair and thin and if your hair is beginning to thin over time usually because you are producing less estrogen which is mainly the issue with thinning hair and also the way that you treat your hair has a lot to do with it as well so any comment down below or any further questions or commentary and also be sure to go on over to check out more hair information and hair videos like these

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