How To Detangle Natural Hair Naturally WITHOUT PAIN!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter from and in this video I want to give a little bit of hair talk and explain how detangle my natural hair is pretty simple and it seems to be universal because there are some key things that are a must to follow along as you detangle your hair so the first very important thing that you must follow along with as you detangle your hair is to detangle your hair from the ends on to the roots of your hair this is the best way to comb through your hair because this is the easiest way to rid of any tangles that you have if you start at the root of your hair and try to comb all the way down to the ends all of your knots and tangles will bunch up at the ends of your hair and this is something you do not want the ends of your hair is already the oldest part of your hair and this area is also most prone to breakage so to make sure all your knots aren't stuck at the end of your hair it's always best to start from the bottom and detangle your way until you reach the roots so now a second tip that I follow along with as I am detangling my hair is that I only detangle my hair when it is what when you are hair is wet it increases in length or you could say more pliability to about 30 to 40% range so when your hair is dry it doesn't get much stretch because there is no moisture to help your hair stretch when your hair is wet whether you have conditioner on it or you have lubricating your hair some type of oil thats when you want to detangle because as your hair is wet it will help give you some stretch mark as you are combing through your hair rather than giving resistance because it's dry my third tip that is a must for detangling my hair is to use a wide toothed comb, if you happen to bypass all so the tips that I've shared so far you cannot skip on this tip because if you use a finetooth comb your hair will just start to shed rain and break off like crazy, it's very important to use a wide tooth, when detangling your hair because it doesn't create as much friction from you are here and the comb is very to use a comb that only has a couple of teeth then using a comb that has hundreds of teeth on it even if your hair may be relaxed or straight or extremely curly it's always best to use a wide tooth comb because this prevents a lot of unnecessary tangles as well so now my last and final tip that I follow along with as I detangle my hair is that I detangle in manageable sections now this depends from person-to-person because you may have thicker or thinner hair you may have more strands of hair on your head or less so there's a lot of variables that comes into it as you are detangling your hair but what's important is that you work on sections at a time that you can handle so for example I like to grab a section of hair that's about 3 x 5 to 3 x 6" inches of a section on my head so I part a big size square on my side and then I start to detangle with my wide tooth comb but if you're noticing that is your combing through it's hard to keep your hair wrapped around your hand and maneuver the comb through your hair you probably have to big of a section to detangle with so just divide the section in half and then detangle a small section that once this is going to help you dramatically with the tangles and knots that he may be experiencing simply because you're not parting your hair in manageable sections to detangle so that's by far my best tips that I have followed along with when I'm detangling my hair to help me prevent a lot of knots and tangles as I'm caring for my hair be sure to check out For more articles and more information on hair like this

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