Is My Hair Thinning Or Shedding?

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter from and in this video I will be addressing the difference between hair loss and excessive shedding sometimes is hard to tell whether or not you're prematurely losing hair or its part of your natural hair cycle so in this video I will address and clarify and clear up any understanding that you may with the difference between hair loss in hair shedding the first point I want to mention is that at the ends of your strands you should see white or clearest balls at the end of your hair strands so when you're combing her hair or checking out a couple of hairs that fell from your hand make sure to thoroughly inspect the strand to see if there's bulbs that if there are bulbs at the ends in this is the natural shedding process that your hair is doing we have to lose hair that's just the way they were made and you have hair as they come out at different points in time so losing hair is not a bad thing when your hair is naturally shedding but on the other hand check out your hair to see if there's bulbs on and it is not on your hair strands in your prematurely losing hair which is hair loss so your hair is either breaking because of what you're doing to your hair or what you're not going to your hair or there may be some issue that's making you lose more hair than normal so the second pointer that I want to mention to help you understand the difference between hair loss in hair shedding is that you have to pay attention to the amounts of hair that you normally lose so average of course give-or-take we lose about 100 years a day and if you comb your hair every day you may not see a significant amount of shed hair but if you like for styles and braids and twisst and you start anything with your hair every other day every couple of days or once a week even if you see a lot more share hairs than if you are combing her hair every single day so depending on how much care you're losing is very hard to sit down and count every little strand to make sure that it's 100 strands today because this is not realistic you just have to pay attention to your hair and how much you lose on a constant basis and also check your hair strands to see if there's bulbs at the ends they are really small on either side and jsut look at a couple of strands to give you an idea if you're losing your shed hairs by the natural shedding process or if it doesn't have bulbs is prematurely breaking so if none of this fits you as far as you are experiencing hair loss or hair shedding then its a possibility that you're experiencing some kind of issues whether it's with your hormones or just your body so I will suggest that you see a dermatologist or someone who could take your scalp to see if there's any underlying issues of why you're experiencing excessive hair loss or even excessive hair shedding so those are my pointers and tips that I have for you on this topic of hair loss or excessive hair shedding so be sure to go to the description box and check out the website link so that you can see more in detail on each side of this discussion thank you for watching this video and be sure to check out more on

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