Female Triathlon Hair Care | How To Swim With Long Hair without Tangles and Knots

Breanna Rutter



TJ is training for triathlon but when swimming, her hair becomes tangled and she has hair damage.With training, a job, a life, and hair that takes 5 hours to air dry, how should she handle her hair?


Hair Tip #1 Use a Clarifying Shampoo and Deep Condition Hair
Always clarify your hair with a deep cleansing shampoo first and then always follow with a deep conditioning treatment right after to restore moisturized hair. The reason why a deep cleansing shampoo is necessary is because you need to remove all product and build up effectively from your hair so that your deep conditioner can penetrate your hair shaft. When using a deep conditioner, it must contain shaft penetrating ingredients or it will not moisturize your hair internally. The best deep conditioner that is also 100% natural is using coconut oil because it prevent s a loss of natural proteins in your hair and its molecular size is so small that it easily migrates into the shaft of your hair for internal moisturization.

100 % Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil


Hair Tip #2 Seal Hair with Heavy Butters and Oils to Keep Hair Supple, Moisturized, and Healthy
After deep conditioning your hair, you have to seal with a non-shaft penetrating oil or butter to prevent a loss of moisture and to also prevent minerals from building up on your hair. Using butters like Shea Butter, Avocado Butter and Mango Butter are phenomenal when it comes to sealing moisture into your hair and blocking toxins and minerals from entering inside of your hair.
Shea Butter
Avocado Butter
Mango Butter


Hair Tip #3 Keep Hair in Braids when Swimming to Avoid Tangles and Knots
Once you have thoroughly prepped your hair by deep cleansing, deep conditioning and then sealing with a non-penetrable oil or butter, you need to protective style especially when it comes to swimming. Long hair and especially natural hair will tangle so badly if it is not would in braids or twists. Depending on your hair styling preferences, you can put mini braids, mini twists, cornrows or individual plaits into your hair with the assistance of extensions if you like.


Box Braids DVD
Patra Braids DVD
Ghana Braids DVD
Goddess Braids DVD
Havana Twists/ Marley Twists DVD
Cornrow Braids With and Without Weave DVD


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