Braids Cause Hair Loss, Breakage, Split Ends? | How To Make Natural Hair Soft and Curly

Breanna Rutter



Danial hair is breaking with her braids and she wants to wear her natural hair out but doesn't want to wear and afro so how can she get soft curls.


Hair Tip #1 Focus on Achieving Healthy Hair First By Eliminating Breakage

In order to stop your hair from breaking, especially near the ends, you have to trim of your damaged hair! To be sure that all of your damage is trimmed while also saving length that you can, I suggest that you allow a professional hairstylist to trim your hair so that you aren't trimming off hair unnecessarily.

If you do chose to trim your own damaged hair, use hair cutting shears that are only designated for trimming your hair. If you use multi purposed scissors/shears to cut your hair, the blades will become dull and give you a rugged cut thus, creating more damage! Below are the hair cutting shears that I use to keep my ends trimmed for healthy hair.


Hair Cutting Shears


Hair Tip #2 Wear Curly Natural Styles like Bantu Knots and Twist Outs 

Wearing curly styles that do not require heat are styles like twists outs, flat twist outs and bantu knot outs just to name a few. Optionally as well, you can wear curly styles by manipulating your hair with perm rods or flexi rods to achieve different tightness of curls. 


Flexi Rods
Perm Rods


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