How To Get Curly Hair While Transitioning | Curly Hairstyle Tips

Breanna Rutter


Sanya wants to know how to achieve curly hair on transitioning hair or natural hair.


Hair Tip #1 Style Thoroughly Detangled Hair For Your Best Hair

The first step in preventing breakage is to make sure that you have properly detangled your hair to prevent knots and matting because two different textures of hair will for sure tangle and matt if not cared for properly. When detangling your hair, especially when detangling transitioning hair, make sure that your hair is wet with a coating of oil or conditioner for slip and comb from the relaxed ends through towards your natural hair with a seamless wide tooth comb. Detangled hair prepares you for constant length retention as well as a smoother surface for a neat hairstyle.


Seamless Wide Tooth Comb


Hair Tip #2 Flexi Rods, Perm Rods, and Roller Sets are PERFECT for Transitioning Hair

Flexi rods and Perm rods are excellent for transitioning hair because this will be your best way at achieving a consistent curl pattern to wear temporarily until you perform your hair care regimen. Set you hair with perm rods or flexi rods while damp and moisturized to help you achieve your best results. If you need more of a speeider drying process, I personally suggest that you use a blow drying bonnet to assist you or protect your hair through the night as it dries by tying your hair with a silk head scarf.

Flexi Rods
Perm Rods
Silk Headscarf
Bonnet Blow Dryer Attachment


Hair Tip #3 Continue to Trim Your Hair Overtime to Become Fully Natural

Trimming your relaxed ends will bring you one step closer to having 100% natural hair so trim off length according to your level of comfort. If you choose not to trim your ends overtime, its highly likely that your relaxed ends will split and cause hair damage that could have been preventing with a few trims here and there. It is also important that the shears you use to trim your hair are shears that are ONLY USED to trim your hair. I personally use these stainless steel shears to trim the ends of my hair.
100% Stainless Steel Hair Cutting Shears


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