Why Straight Hair Is The Standard Of Beauty THE ANSWER!

Breanna Rutter



Quanda feels like it is very hard for her to be accepted by her peers in the work place considering the fact that she chooses to have natural hair compared to the fact that a lot of her coworkers have straight hair.


She feels as though everybody expects her to straighten her hair she doesn't want to, she feels judged and looked down upon because she doesn't have hair similar to theirs.


I will give you 3 points on why I believe straight hair is the standard.


• We as people want to fit in and we follow what other people do in life for the most part. In psychology, this is called social proof and we will do what is right or wrong if other people do it too just so we can fit in. It is an unconscious pressure pressed upon us by social proof.


• Why is the beauty of standard straight hair? It’s because majority of the population (85%) have predominately straight hair and black people (15%) predominately have curly or kinky hair. If black people were the majority instead, our hair would be standard and straight hair would be a niche.


• If we get out of our emotions when trying to understand something, we can usually figure it out. Saying what white America doesn't like our Afro hair is an emotional reason that is not true in all cases. What is true is that if most people do not have hair that looks like yours, you will stick out rather than fit in. Everybody for the most part wants to fit in and feels left out or judged if they don’t.


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