Postpartum Hair Loss & Shedding When Baby Turned 3 Months Old!

Breanna Rutter


Trina is experiencing excessive shedding after the birth of her new child and it was not this bad after the birth of her first child so what can she do to reduce her shedding. 


#1 Your hair will finally shed 3 to 4 months after child birth 


Once your hormones have become balanced again and also as your internal organs shift back into place, everything will resume as normal. Since the shedding phase of your hair has been paused, it presumes again shortly after the birth of your child! Many women at this point notice a loss of thickness and that’s because the density of your hair is normalizing since your hormones have become normalized as well.


#2 An increase in estrogen prolongs the resting and growth phase of hair


The growing phase of your hair is the Anagen phase and the fall out phase of your hair is the Telogen phase and when your estrogen levels are high, your hair remains in the Anagen phase longer and pauses the Telogen phase. During this time, your shedding is minimizing and while your hair growth goes through the roof!


#3 Continue to eat healthy and take supplements for healthy hair and body


The best thing you can do to limit the effects of postpartum shedding is to eat a healthy balanced diet and also supplement to assist your nutritional health as well. There are plenty of choices of vitamin supplements that you can take to equip you with nutrients that you may have missed through your meals.

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