Removing Bonding Glue From Tracks | Remove Glue In From Hair

Breanna Rutter


Cecellia wants to know how to remove glue from the weft of her tracks to reuse her extensions because she notices that it does not attach again well after because of the glue. 


Hair Tip #1 For Easier Styling, Apply Bonding Glue to Hair You


Don’t Mind Throwing Away
It’s crucial that you do not ruin good quality hair extensions with bonding glue especially if you want to reuse them over and over again! You can remove hair bonding glue from the weft of your hair extensions but to save yourself the headache, please apply bonding glue on extensions you don’t mind throwing away.


Hair Tip #2 To Remove Glue from Extensions, Use 100% Pure Acetone


Using acetone to remove bonding glue from your track hair will dramatically help with the removal process. Acetone is very drying and it is the main ingredient used in nail polish removal to remove the nail color from your nails. Since acetone is drying, most commercial nail polish removers also contain moisturizers to prevent your nail bed from excessive dryness but in this case, you have to use pure acetone to dry the bonding glue. When the glue becomes dried out, you can then peel the hardened glue away from your hair extensions.


100% Pure Acetone


Hair Tip #3 Moisturize Your Extensions to Prevent Dry Hair and
Hair Breakage


Before you apply the acetone to the bonding glue on your tracks, make sure to apply a leave in or deep conditioner to your hair extensions to prevent hair damage. If the acetone comes in contact with your extensions, it can cause excessive dryness which leads to tangling and matting so make sure to protect the hair with a moisturizer just in case in comes in contact with the acetone. If you need products suggestions or natural homemade product recipes to care for your hair or hair extensions, check out my books for assistance!


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