How To Stop Breakage With Transitioning Hair

Breanna Rutter


Olivia is having troubles transitioning with her hair from relaxed hair to natural hair and constantly has inconsistent breakage with her hair an she also doesn't know how to style her hair.


#1 If hair breaks at the line of demarcation increase protein and deep conditioning treatments


When your hair is breaking at the line of demarcation, which is a clear sign that your hair is missing an adequate supply of protein and moisture. Performing a deep conditioning treatment and protein treatment alternately every week, balances your hair to prevent breakage. When breakage is happening at the point where your relaxed hair meets your natural hair it is usually due to a lack of protein in most cases. For more information on how to understand moisture balanced and protein balanced natural hair, refer to my book The Natural Hair Bible.


The Natural Hair Bible: The 10 Commandments of Black Hair Care


#2 If hair breaks at the ends trim damaged splitting ends


When breakage is present near the ends of your hair, this is a very easy situation to diagnose because that usually means that you are in need of a trim. Trims are necessary if you want to retain length because broken ends will continue to split and break up the shaft of your hair. A few trims here and there will significantly aid you in retaining the length of your hair because you are preserving as much length as possible by getting rid of the ends that would sacrifice your efforts. The easiest way to loose the length of your hair is to never trim the ends or constantly prolong your trims. If you need assistance with evenly trimming your hair, especially if you don’t know how to do it on your own, I suggest consulting with a licensed professional who’s strong suit is in hair cutting.

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