How To Slick Edges For Natural 4C Hair

Breanna Rutter



Amber has 4c natural hair just like me and wants to know how to get smooth edges like mine so how do I achieve them. 


#1 Slick your edges with water, a little oil and a silk scarf


If you have fine hair, a heavy oil or butter and the assistance of your silk scarf is all you need to slick down the edges of your hair. Using gels or holding sprays will leave fine or thin hair very stiff and unnatural looking. Below are a list of products that will assist you with slicking down the edges of your hair if you have fine and/or thin hair.

Shea Butter
Silk Head Scarf
Soft Toothbrush
Fine Tooth Comb


#2 For wavy edges use hair gel and air dry


To allow your edges to look wavy, you have to apply hair gel with your fingers and then allow for your hair edges to wave on their own as they air dry. The type of gel you use is not nearly as important as your techniques. Use a gel that does not contain protein to prevent hard brittle edges because of protein overload.


#3 For straighter looking edges use hair gel, a fine tooth comb and a hair molding strip


Its important that all of these elements are applied when slicking down the edges of your hair if you want a distinct smooth pattern to the edges of your hair. Make sure that you use as minimum amount of gel as possible to help you slick down the edges of your hair because using too much gel will cause product overload and dry looking hair because of your use of product.

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