Inversion Method For Hair Growth! Is It Safe?

Breanna Rutter


Aija is 13 and has seen the inversion method work on plenty adults and only saw one kid try it. 


#1 The inversion method requires a hot oil treatment with a virgin cold pressed oil


This method consists of first performing a hot oil treatment and your quality of oil really matters to make sure that you are getting the best benefits of your hot oil treatment. Below is a list of suggested oils for your hot oil treatment as this assists you in your inversion method.

Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil
Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
Virgin Cold Pressed Avocado Oil


#2 Tilt your head downward for about 5 minutes


After performing your hot oil treatment, you have to tilt your head at a downward angle for a number of reasons. Tilting your head downward allows for the warm oil to slide down the length of your hair and also, blood is rushing to your head to rush nutrients from your blood to your hair follicles, specifically the dermal papilla. This has to be done with caution especially if you are not an adult and also if you have a history of stroke or high blood pressure.


#3 Some have seen 1 inch of growth a week or 1 inch in a month


This level of hair growth will vary depending on each individual person and varying factors. Your choice of oil or/and internal health has a lot to do with how much growth you will attain. In most cases, most individuals have witnessed and inch of growth every month so at that rate, you can gain 12 inches of length in a year!

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