Wearing Weave Extensions For Hair Growth!

Breanna Rutter


Jasmine wonders if wearing weave to grow out natural hair does grow your hair and how does it help our hair grow. 


#1 Weaves are great protective styles with low manipulation


Weaves are a great way to grow your hair to longer lengths because no more manipulation on your real hair is required until you are actually ready to remove your hair extensions. If protective styles are done correctly and maintained properly, you will see significant hair growth and that is a fact! Below are a list of protective hairstyles you can try on your own hair.

Box Braids DVD
Micro Braids DVD
Ghana Braids DVD
Full Net Sew In Weave DVD
Jumbo Braids/Patra Braids DVD
Cornrows with and without Weave DVD


#2 Moisturize your hair at least weekly to prevent dryness


Moisturizing your hair while wearing a protective hairstyle is just as important as moisturizing your hair even if it wasn't contained within a protective style. Liquefy your leave in moisturizer and protein products with water and contain them within a spray bottle or an applicator bottle to keep your hair moisturized throughout the time you will be protective styling. If you need help finding the products that are best for your hair care needs, refer to my book The Black Hair Manual for further assistance.

Applicator Bottles
Travel Size Spray Bottles
The Black Hair Manual: A Pocket Guide For Choosing Your Best Hair Products


#3 In between weaves make sure to dust your trim your ends


Dust trimming the end of your hair in between protective styling cannot be missed or skimmed over because without trims, your splitting or damaged ends will continue to take the length away from your hair as breakage creeps up through your hair shaft. Even though protective styling is healthy, splitting ends happen naturally so resistant the need to trim will only make your protective styling efforts a waste of time. Below are the hair cutting shears I suggest that I personally use, if you are comfortable trimming the ends of your hair on your own, if not, consult with a pro who can give you a good trim.

Hair Cutting Shears for Trimming Damaged or Splitting Hair Ends

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