How To Dye Natural Hair Without Hair Damage | Without Bleach and Natural Dye

Breanna Rutter



Faith wants to know how to dye her hair without permanent hair damage. 


Hair Tip #1 I Highly Recommend a Licensed Cosmetologist for Coloring Your Hair


When coloring your hair and especially of it is very important to you that you attain desired results with your hair color, its best to leave this in the hands of the professionals who have been trained to properly perform chemical treatments to your hair. Even though YouTube is a great place to learn how to do hair treatments on your own hair by yourself, that still doesn’t replace experience and a lack of experience in regards to chemically changing the composition of your hair can cause extreme shedding and breakage.


Hair Tip #2 A Safer Alternative is Plant Dye: Henna and Indigo Hair Dye


You can dye your hair in your own without the assistance of a pro if you choose to use plant dyes. Plant dyes as well as color rinses stores on the outside of your hair shaft so since they do not penetrate, they will not disrupt the health of your hair. Think of plant dyes and semi-permanent hair dyes as color stains because that’s what they do to your hair. After about 3 to 5 weeks the color wears itself off of your hair.

Henna Plant Hair Dye
Indigo Plant Hair Dye


Hair Tip #3 A Less Damaging Alternative is Semi Permanent Hair Color or a Rinse


For a non-permanent coloring treatment, you can also use semi-permanent hair colors or rinses to add a glossy color to your hair. Semi-permanent colorants do not penetrate your hair shaft either put lodge themselves in between your cuticle layer which projects a subtle color on your hair. Using light rinses will show up best of naturally light hair and will give moderate results on dark hair if your cuticles are lifted or if your hair is naturally porous. Below is a list of semi permanent hair coloring options if you desire to experiment with color rinses.

Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection Semi-permanent Hair Color, Darkest Brown
Roux Fanci-Full Temporary Color Rinse White Minx
Fanci-Full Temporary Hair Color - 21 Plush Brown
Fanci-Full Temporary Hair Color - 56 Bashful Blonde
Avatar Funky Fruit Semi-permanent Hair Color Rinse Grape Purple


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